Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Mystery of the Missing Meat.

Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Poirot, Nancy Drew and even Scooby Doo. What do they all have in common? They all solve mysteries.  Yes, we found ourselves involved with our very own mystery last Sunday. The plot was well and truly thick, thicker than cold porridge and lumpy custard.

What was the mystery? I will unravel it before your very eyes, and on the case is Miss Marpcat. With her help we hope you dear reader can unravel the Mystery of the Missing Meat.

Miss Marpcat

So we will travel a little back in time, to last Sunday.  My human mum decided she was going to treat everyone to rump steak for dinner (if we were very lucky we might get a little bit too)  She had intended on taking the steak out of the freezer to defrost the evening before, but silly mum had forgotten.  She left the steak out to defrost in the morning, it was left in the freezer bag on a plate on the kitchen worktop. Hopefully it would defrost by the time is she was ready to cook dinner.

So far so good, no mystery or drama yet, but wait, my human dad in his naivety or stupidity; as mum said later; decided it wasn't defrosting quick enough.  The sun was out and shining through the kitchen window. Ah ha he thought I will leave the steak to defrost on the outside window ledge of the kitchen.  Can you hear the alarm bells ringing, no! listen again. A bag of juicy rump steak left to defrost on a window ledge! With four cats and and feral Tabby cat in the vicinity!

And so we move on, the afternoon turned to evening.  Mum had forgotten about the steak, she didn't even know that it had been moved to the windowsill.  Dad however remembered to take a look and see if the steak was ready to be cooked.  He went outside, and what did he see?  The plate was still sitting on the windowsill, but wait!♫DA DA DA♫ the bag was ripped and a piece of the juicy rump steak was missing???? Where was it?  He looked for evidence, yes there was a small trail of blood from the steak and a couple of bloodspots on the stair leading from the patio. Someone had stolen a piece of steak, but who was the guilty party? Who wantonly stole the piece of meat ?  There was but one answer it was one of we cats, but Who???

Now Miss Marpcat in her wisdom would have carried out this scenario, gather all the evidence and compile a list of suspects. So the list is as follows:

Suspect Number 1 Patchy

Now in my defence I have to point out I was nowhere to be seen in the timeline of the crime. I was out on an extended patrol, I was not seen by anyone until later that evening.

Suspect Number 2 Gingy

Yes, sweet little Gingy, but is she?  Gingy has taken to sitting on the kitchen window ledge when the sun is out. Is she the guilty party? Was she inside when the crime was carried out?

Suspect Number 3 Sooty

Sooty was around at the time of the crime? or was he on patrols.  No one can remember exactly where Sooty was that Sunday afternoon.  Was he the guilty party?

Suspect Number 4 Blackie

Where was Blackie on the afternoon in question.  She was in the kitchen lying on a chair for most of the afternoon. Was dear old Blackie guilty?

Suspect Number 5 Tabby the feral cat

Here is the previously unseen Tabby the feral cat.  He is always hanging around the garden. He never comes into the house and runs away when anyone goes near him (apart from when there's a bowl of food ) Was he the Prime Suspect.

Now you see all the suspects are laid before you. Who do you think Miss Marpcat would say is guilty?
Well dear readers I would like you to tell me. Who do you think committed this terrible bloodsoaked crime? Who is the mysterious meat thief?  If you think you know, please leave your answer in the comments box.

This crime can not go unpunished.

Friday, 30 November 2012

#wlfxmas Pawty Blog

Calling all Twitter pals with 2 legs, 3 legs and 4; you are invited to the WLF 24 Hours Christmas Pawty. To be held on: Saturday 15th December - Sunday 16th December 2012. The festivities will be starting at 1PM UK (GMT) time, you can check you time zones with this Time Zone Converter, or check below:


Invitation courtesy of Roof Top Post Free Printables

Please see Twitvite: WLF24HourChristmasPawty.

Dress Code Fancy Dress or Christmas

So where will this 24 Hours marathon Christmas Pawty be held ? As you can see from the invitation above we will be travelling to Santa Claus Village in Lapland, Finland.  

Sign post By Lauri Silvennoinen (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons 

So what will we be doing in this Winter Wonderland:

You can build a snowman and have a snowball fight.

Visit Santa Paws

 See the reindeer

By Anthere at fr.wikipedia (photo by fr:Utilisateur:Anthere) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

See the natural phenomenon The Aurora Borealis
By Flickr user: David Madrid, Spain http://flickr.com/people/deivis/ [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We will be travelling to The Santa Claus Village near Rovaniemi in Lapland , how we get there is a secret you will find out on the day, but I promise you it will be very special. On arriving you will greeted by Santa Paws elves and the fun begins.

We will be rocking around the Christmas tree all over the world, so come on and join the fun and festivities. There will be entertainment with singers and DJ playing your favourite Christmas music and much more. Our Barktenders will be available to cater for your beverage refreshment, with festive cocktails and of course a cup of mulled nip wine to warm up your paws/hands/claws. Our catering provided by @FruFruB and @Brici161 will be providing lots of delicious noms.


Mulled NipWine
Festive Flaming Cocktail

By Lodewijk Gelauff, Hay Kranen (editing) and Nik Frey 
(original photo) [CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons


Gingernip Cookies

Various Canapes
By Kalificado (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Menu for #wlfxmas Pawty

Also for your entertainment there will be quizzes, where you can win prizes (any prize donations will be gratefully accepted) Please contact @NikePurrfektCat on Twitter.

There will also be a Snowman building competition and @Mr_Pie has very kindly donated a £20.00 donation to the charity fund as a prize for the winner. Thank you so much Mr Pie the fat cat, who by the way is no longer fat. 

We will be fund raising for: 
Blind Cat Rescue, St Francis Hospice, Karlas Kat Reskue and Tendring Feral Rescue.
If you would like more information about these four charities please take a look at NikePurrfektcat's blog: http://nikepurrfectcatsworld.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-season-of-giving.html?

You can also give a donation by chip in here on my blog:

There will also be a special  WLF member "Meow" award presented to someone very special within the #wlf. No bribes will be accepted I am not spilling the beans on who it is.

If anyone would like to help out in anyway Hosting, Barktending, DJing, Quiz masters,  prize donations or anything else, please contact @PatchyMeow and @claudiab53 on Twitter, or you can leave a comment on my blog.

If you would like a special AVI to be made for you, contact on Twitter:

@JeffMusk - He can do avis with animal bodies.
@RealFakeGator - upto the 14th December.

I will be updating this blog when I have more information about the Pawty.

For your entertainment a video which will blow you away:

The Buttcracker Cats

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sooty Come Home

You will have probably heard this question many a time: Do you want the good news or the bad news? Well, in this post I will be giving you both the good and the bad at the same time.

Sooty my brother; known for having a love affair with a jute bag and sitting in strange places, went missing last Tuesday afternoon. He has been known to wander off (but not too far) in the afternoon and not come back until morning, so we didn't think to much about it. He didn't appear in the morning or the evening, so by then we were a little concerned.  My humans asked a neighbour if he had seen him, he said no, and so we waited. He had not made an appearance by the next day, so by then everyone started to be more concerned and went out to look for him, shouting his name, and looking up and down the nearby streets, but nothing.


We live in a semi-rural village, it is surrounded by agricultural fields which are pretty hard to search as they are so vast, good for mouse hunting, but not good for searching for a black cat.  Day 4 arrived and my human mum decided it was time to make posters to stick on lamp posts(and one for a local shop); and ask some more around the neighbourhood. As we had no response, and no one had seen Sooty we had our suspicions that he had got locked inside somewhere.  A neighbour of ours across the road has a large workshop, The workship is behind locked gates within a large fenced off area of land; he repairs refrigerators, mum started to think he was in there, unfortunately there was no one there at the weekend. Mum's became more convinced that he was trapped in there yesterday when Gingy was seen outside the workshop gates yesterday.

Mum and Dad went over but there was still no one there, they went back again, no one. Evening came and dad went to the workshop owners house, next to the workshop. Mum was at home in the kitchen, I was out on patrols. She was waiting for news and who should pop in through the kitchen patio window, no guesses, yes Sooty. Hurrah!!!!!! she was right, he had been trapped inside the workshop, as soon as the man opened up the door and Dad and my human sister shouted for him he came dashing out and straight home.

No guesses what the first thing my mum did, yes, she cried and gave him a big squishy hug, and the first thing Sooty did was eat. He ate a big bowl of cat food, I can not imagine how hungry he must have been. I am hungry most of the time (even though I have been w-o-r-m-e-d) mum says I am a little piggy.  Sooty had lost some weight and he was very anxious whilst in the house, mum did not want him to go out.  Anyway she relented as you can image being trapped inside a building for 6 days would probably send you stir crazy, even prison inmates get to go outside for exercise.  He was out all night, but came back this morning more of his usual self, thank goodness.

I would like to thank all my friends on Twitter and Facebook who have given there support and kind words, and even lit candles for Sooty to light his way home. I sincerely thank you you know who you are you are the greatest. Hugs xxxxxxxx. Also a special thank you to @Burmese_Jason who sent me this lovely picture of St. Gertrude, who is the patron Saint of cats.

Now you would think that Blackie and Gingy would be pleased to see Sooty, where they? Well Blackie and Gingy sniffed him and then proceeded to ignore him. I gather they were not pleased with him for going and getting himself lost.

Now on a lighter note.

For those of you in the US who celebrated Thanksgiving this week I would like to show you a video I made using Jib Jab.com called The Pilgrim's Song. It includes two of my Twitter feline friends; Duchess of Bramley and Tweeting Truman, and a few other familiar faces. It is extremely funny, do watch.

I also made this for my friend Duchess of Bramley a.k.a Tractor girl


I was also made a lovely vintage profile picture (see below) by my Twitter friend @JeffMusk, isn't it cute. I would like to say thank you again Jeff.

Must go now, I shall be blogging again soon as I have plenty more to blog about, bye for now.

P.S The Five Cats Chronicles blog is now available to subscribe to on Amazon's Kindle. Please see the page on this blog for more information.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

Hello again, nice to be back, I had a little break for a week. I didn't go away anywhere, no I was just in hiding for most of the week.  "Now Patchy why were you hiding?" I can imagine you thinking. I have to confess to not being very good with visitors. This past week my human mum has had her mother from England to stay for the week and on top of that my humans' daughter had a birthday party at the house. I decided to make myself invisible for most of the week, children tramping all over the house is a big no, no for me.

I am extremely shy so if anyone is visiting and I don't know them too well;  you don't see me for dust.  I am sorry but that is just how I am. Gingy and Sooty do not care they are not particularly shy, Blackie is also a little shy and she stayed outside the house for a while until she gets used to the idea of visitors.

I have toyed with the idea of hiding in fancy dress, here is one of my costumes below:

Spanish lady costume image : courtesy of Face in Hole.com

A very nice costume don't you think? but I decided it was a little bit too conspicuous I don't think you will find too many Spanish Ladies walking around Cyprus, dressed like this. Also do not think I could cope with the potential male attention either.  Anyway I have survived the week and everything is back to how it was before.

Now you may be curious to know why this blog post is titled Curiouser and Curiouser. I can tell you it is nothing to do with the proverb Curiosity killed the cat ( heaven forbid that any cat's curiosity gets it killed). I am going to show you all the curious places that my brother Sooty has decided to make his sleeping or sitting spot. The inspiration for the title is from Alice in Wonderland: "Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice.

I have made a list (with pictures) of where Sooty has been sleeping or sitting.

1. The litter box

2. Inside a bed 

3. On top of the ironing board.

4. On top of the kitchen bin.

5. In the utility room, sitting on his beloved Jute bag.

6. On top of the microwave.

7. The kitchen worktop, sitting on a tea towel.

As you can see, Sooty has some curious places, I personally prefer a sofa, on top of a bed or a cat bed. When I am outside and it's not too hot a wall or garden suits me fine.

Well I must be off on patrols, have to make sure I am not out of the loop with the rest of the cat community.

See you soon.

Friday, 9 November 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

"To blog or not to blog, that is the question."

Yes that question sometimes arises, there are days when I sit at the computer and think now what do I blog about? What would readers find interesting? And will anyone want to read about it?

Well I am sure William Shakescat probably never had any of those doubts.  I do not think he thought " will anyone like this play or this poem ?" he just wrote, perhaps I should take a leaf out of his book then and do the same.

William Shakescat

William Shakescats has some very famous quotes:

"A fish, a fish my kingdom for a fish." - Rich Cod the Third

"Oreo, Oreo, where for art thou Oreo." - Oreo and Biscuit

"Alas Proscuttio, I ate it, Horatio" - Ham Let

"But, for my own part, he was all Geek to me." - Julius C. Nurd

"My love is more hairy than my tongue."  - King Leer

"Out damned spot! out I say!" - McBath  and "Is this a loofah I see before me, scrubbing towards my hand."

I can not claim to have any famous quotes apart from "when's dinner?"

Savoy Hotel image by: Chris O at en.wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I will tell you readers a little of what has been going on in my part of the world lately.

The weather has decided to change now Autumn has arrived, yesterday and today we have had torrential rain and many thunder storms.  My humans were not too please that Sooty, Blackie and I decided we wanted to go out yesterday evening during a storm. We kicked up such a fuss, I in particular was howling to be let out. Needless to say it worked a treat and they let us out. We didn't come home until this morning, looking very soggy indeed. Were we were hiding; I am not at liberty to tell, we don't want all the neighbourhood cats turning up there as well.

Sooty still confounds everyone with his love affair with a Jute bag, although Gingy has decided she has taken a fancy to it also, and they bicker over who is going to sit on it. Sooty now sneaks into the utility room and sits on the drier, where the jute back is stored.

Sooty ♥s the jute bag

Blackie has taken to sleeping in some odd places, her favourite spot at the moment is sleeping on a trunk, that sits in the hallway of our house. I can't image it is comfortable, but she seems to like it.

Sleeping Blackie
I must go now and ask "When's dinner?" See you soon, Bye.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Pawty Animal

Well what a busy week I have had, I have attended three parties, or as we cats like to call them pawties, and a carnival. The first was last Sunday 28th October, members of The Whiskas Liberation Front; wlf for short, had a Twitter Halloween birthday celebration for Mr Pie, at a haunted house. We had a scream (please excuse any bad puns I am not holding myself responsible as I have a catnip hangover.) There were lots of spooky things going on.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, my next pawty was a Facebook wedding celebration between Troy Cat and Betty Pouncey. This pawty was a 4 day celebration, I only managed to attend for two days, those cats sure know who to keep a pawty going. The dress theme for this party; of course Halloween costume, here was one of mine:
Picture courtesy of Face in Hole.com
Last night I attended another WLF pawty,(#wlfbonfire) this time a Bonfire Pawty, this was in aid of raising money for Claudia and Her Cats. This shindig was a 5 hour affair, and a great time was had by all. There was plenty of dancing, eating and drinking and *whispers* catnip changing hands, but don't tell anyone will you.  For this pawty you had to wrap up to watch the fireworks and keep our paws warm by the bonfire; as you can see from my picture:

Image: Face in Hole.com, Bonfire image courtesy of Pizap.com

On Saturday afternoon I attended Bad Andy's Third Annual Carnie Pawty (hash tag #CPawty on Twitter) What a great carnival party this is you really must go and take a look at Carnie Pawty Land.  It is just like a real carnival, with fairground rides, stalls with food, drink, fortune telling cats and much more.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving my first very own blog award, yes an award I feel so honoured. I have received The Super Sweet Blogging Award and very nice it is too. It was bestowed upon me by my pal Nerissa the cat, who you can find over on his own blog Nerissa's Life

What a lovely colourful cupcake award.

I would like to send a big THANK YOU to Nerissa, he is such a lovely puss.

I would now like now award the Super Sweet Blogging Award to some more blogs, they are as follows:

I shall be notifying the award winners in due course, you all have great blogs that deserve an award.

I have a new and improved blog all about chocolate Chocolate Recipes for a Chocoholic if you are a chocolate fan, please go and take a look, it has a great chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And so I shall go now and rest my weary paws and get some sleep, I shall be expecting this week to be much quieter. Bye for now.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Witches of Pendle

Hello and welcome to The Five Cats Chronicles blog for Halloween.

Do you like spooky stories? I am a big scaredy cat but I love a good spooky story, particularly if it is a real life spooky. As it is a Halloween I thought it would be a good idea to let my brother Sooty tell you a story. After all he is a black cat.

Thank you Patchy for giving me the opportunity to tell this story, it is not very often I get a word in on this blog. Patchy as you have probably gathered by now, is a bit of a chatter box. 

"You can go now Patchy; yes just move your backside off the computer chair go on and do something else, sharpen your claws or something."

The Witches of Pendle

Tales of witches and witchcraft go as far back as the 14th century, and there were associations of black cats with witches; that is were superstitions about black cats arose.

The tale of The Pendle Witches dates back to 400 years, in fact 17th August 2012  marked the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials in 1612.

Pendle Hill Shrouded in Mist

The area of Pendle can be found in Lancashire, in the North West of England; Pendle is a borough of the county of Lancashire in England.

Pendle Hill rises from an ancient hunting ground, the summit of the hill was a Bronze Age burial ground.  In 1652 a man named George Fox climbed up Pendle Hill. It was there he was inspired to found the Quaker movement.

The villages of Sabden, Newchurch and Roughlee all have connections to the Pendle witches.

In the late 16th century the area of Pendle was considered by the authorities as being wild and lawless. The Pendle witches lived in the early 17th century. At this time religious persecution and superstitions were rife.
Their monarch King James I was a Protestant and it was a criminal offence for anyone not to attend the Church of England services and receive communion. Yearly the Justice of the Peace compiled a list of non conformists, the JP for the area of Pendle was called Roger Nowell.

James I had survived an assassination attempt Catholics called The Gunpowder Plot; this plot involved blowing up, the predominantly Protestant members of the Houses of Parliament when the King was in attendance. He was also convinced in 1590 (before he became king) that an assassination attempt was plotted by Scottish witches. In 1604 he imposed a law that carried the death penalty for anyone causing death or harm through the use of magic.

The trial of the Pendle Witches is one of the most famous witchcraft trials in British history, it all began on Sunday 18th March 1612:

There were two rival peasant families who were each lead by a matriarch, they were commonly known as Chaddox (Ann Whittle) and Demdike (Elizabeth Southerns) The families lived in poverty and they often begged and found work where they could. Both families were often the subject of local gossip, as the matriarchs often boasted about the cures and "spells" they offered to the local villagers.  

On the 18th March Alison Device, the granddaughter of Demdike begged some pins from a peddler named John Law of Halifax. He refused to give her any pins and Alison cursed him. Shortly after John Law fell to the ground paralysed.

Adam the son of John Law made a complaint to the Justice of the Peace, Roger Nowell, Alison was interrogated and made a confession of witchcraft and also incriminated her mother Elizabeth and brother James. When Alison was summoned to appear before Roger Nowell on March 30th 1612 she took the opportunity to accused Chaddox and her family of being involved in witchcraft.

On April 3rd  Alison Device, Demdike, Chaddox and her daughter Anne Redferne were interrogated. Demdike claimed she had given her soul to the devil 20 years previously and Chaddox also claims to have given her soul to a "Christian like man." They were all committed for a witchcraft trial at Lancaster Castle.

Elizabeth Device organised a meeting at the Demdikes home, Malkin Tower on Good Friday; 6th April 1612. Relatives and supporters of the families attended.  James Device stole a neighbours sheep for them to feast upon. The news of the meeting and the stolen sheep reached Roger Nowell he send a local constable to Malkin Tower. There accusation flew that at the meeting a plot was hatched to free the imprisoned women by blowing up Lancaster Castle.

The constable found human bones and teeth,apparently stolen from a graveyard at St.Mary's church in Newchurch. He also found a clay image.  James Device confesses to using the image to cause the death of a woman called Anne Townley.  All others attending the "Witches Sabbath" meeting were arrested and imprisoned Elizabeth Device, James Device, Alice Nutter, Katherine Hewitt, John Bulcock, Jane Bulcock and Alice Gray in Lancaster Castle and Jennet Preston who was from Yorkshire she was imprisoned in York, she was tried and found guilty of murder by witchcraft and was sentenced to death by hanging. She was executed on the 29th July 1612.

The Trial of the Pendle witches started at Lancaster Assizes on August 17th 1612. They were all accused of murder and witchcraft. The key witness was Jennet the nine year old daughter of Elizabeth Device. It was unusual, even in the 17th century for a nine year old child to give witness at a trial. Normal rules were suspended for evidence given in witchcraft trials, as stated in King James I's Daemonologie.

In order to please King James the trial lasted for only three days; of the accused only one suspect, Alice Grey was found Not Guilty. Elizabeth Southerns (Demdike) died while awaiting trial, the other nine were found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. They were executed at Gallows Hill in Lancaster on August 20th 1612.

Modern times brought "Dark Tourism" to the Pendle area, thousands of visitor come yearly to visit the area, they can follow the witches walks or travel on The Witch Way buses. There is even a beer produced in Burnley called Witches Brew. You can also find shops selling witch related gifts.

Witches Galore

There is a shop (see above) in Newchurch-in-Pendle called Witches Galore, were you can buy souvenirs and all things witchy.

You can read more about the Pendle witches here: http://www.pendlewitches.co.uk/

Witch Facts

  • The word witch come from the Anglo-Saxon word Wicca or Wise one.
  • The Pagans used Wicca (magic) in their pagan rites, usually to bring a good harvest.
  • Witchcraft had become sinister by the 14th century.
  • The witches hat is an exaggeration of a Puritan hat, the point is said to have been a representation of the devils horns
  • Unmarried women or widows would earn money by practising healing, this lead to accusations of witchcraft.
  • The Puritans believed that black cats were in league with the devil, the 17th pilgrims that went to America passed a law forbidding anyone to own a black cat. The punishment for owning a black cat was death.
  • In the 15th century witches were portrayed flying astride wolves & goats, eventually a broomstick became a more common image.
  • It was thought that the sound of church bells could bring down a flying witch.
  • James I recommended that suspected witches should be searched for the devil's mark, usually a birthmark. This "devil's mark" was seen as a sign that the suspect had made a covenant with the devil.
  • Matthew Hopkins was the England's "Witchfinder General" from 1645, he was responsible for the hanging of 68 witches.
  • In a book by James I one of the techniques of proving someone was a witch was to use " ducking" or "swimming." The suspect's right thumb was tied to their left toe, a roped was tied around their waist. They were then thrown into a deep river or pond. If the suspected witch sank to the bottom they were deemed innocent if they floated they were in league with the devil for rejecting the baptismal water.

I hope you enjoyed reading the fascinating and true story, all that is left for me to say is:

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cats and Blogs 2

As promised I have some more Cats and Blogs for you. The Catisverse has many bloggers so here are just a few to whet your appetite.

I will start with a Twitter friend from down under:

Dugal Down Under

If you haven’t already guessed Dugal is from Australia. He lives in Adelaide in South Australia.  He has a great, or as we say pawsome, blog site called Three Aussie Cats . It is all about Dugal and his other cat siblings. Plenty of great pages; pictures and information, also there are Three Aussie Cats YouTube videos for you to enjoy.

We next have a newcomer to the world of blogging, he is the suave:

Harry Clooney

Harry lives in the UK; you will of course recognise that he takes his name from the world famous actor and sex symbol George Clooney. Harry is also very much like James Bond, in fact his first blog post is titled Pussy Galore. Harry shares with you his gentleman's guide for ensuring that you are surrounded by pretty kitties.

 His next post promises to give you some family advice, take my advice and take a look at his blog for yourselves at:    http://iamnotchoupette.blogspot.co.uk/

Now please put your paws (or hands) together for my next blogger, the muti award winner:


Nerrisa lives in Canada and takes the name of a character from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

The blog is called Nerissa's Life, it is all about Nerissa and cat siblings Nerissa, Mason, Beatrice, Seville and Rushton (if I have left any siblings out please let me know Nerissa)

There's plenty to read and you can see and all the awards the blog has received; an unintentional rhyme slipped in there.
Nerissa has kindly informed me about the members of his cat family they are as follows:

Primrose, Snowdrop, Blossom, Jacob, Beatrice, Constance, Tobias, Tess, Mason, Seville and Rushton. Primrose, Snowdrop & Blossom are my aunties by adoption; Jacob is my dad; Beatrice & Constance are my sisters and littermates  Tobias, Tess & Mason are my sisters by adoption and Seville & Rushton are my brothers by adoption. 

You can find Nerrisa's blog here: http://www.nerissaslife.com/

I would love an award, and I am ashamed to say I am a little bit envious of all Nerissa's awards, don't tell anyone will you. So if there is anyone out there in blogger land who wishes to take a look at my poor old bloggy and wishes to bestow any kind of award, you know I will be grateful. 

Enough of the begging now, so what is happening in my neck of the woods, well I got a new Twitter hair do  you want a peek? Please no laughing.

On a serious note, this wig was for Domestic Violence Awareness. If you or anyone you know is suffering from domestic violence please find some help. There is help out there, you do not have to "put up" with it, make it stop.

Gingy's eye is much the same, we do know that she has lost most of the vision in that eye, poor Gingy. But you know, it has not  affected her as much as I thought, she is the same Gingy, still feisty and strong willed.

Sooty has developed an enormous appetite he has been eating his food and everyone else's if they look away from it for just a moment. My humans thinks he has *whispers* w-o-r-m-s I can't say the word, yuck.
He has already been treated recently but it looks like he needed a larger dose. Anyway the least said on this subject the better.

Blackie has been up to her usual lizard catching rat catching tricks, we found the remains of a rat in the garden the other day. Blackie should be called Artemis; Greek goddess of hunting.

Must go now it is nearly food time again, yes, Sooty be helping me with the next blog post for Halloween. 

Oh, yes I must mention that The Little Book of Cats is now available as an ebook, if you are interested take a look at the Little Book of Cats page on this blog.

See you then.