Monday, 27 February 2012

Rainy Days And Mondays

 Hello again

It's Monday again and it's raining, it reminds me of a song called Rainy Days and Mondays, I think it was by the Carpenters and she is singing about rainy days and Mondays getting her down.   I can sympathise, although most cats days are very much the same as they have no work or school but I am very busy writing my blog and book. 

Do you know cats like music, and I like all kinds of music apart from heavy metal music that's a little bit loud for me, I like to chill out and be a "cool cat." 

 I like to read newspapers like the Daily Tail and the Purry Express, a cat has got to know what's going on in the world.  I am a bit fussy which newspaper I read I like to stay away from tabloids most of the time, but it is interesting to read some of the gossip. Scratchy on the other hand will read anything.  I caught him recently with a copy of Play cat magazine, well I suppose he is an adult and can "read" what he likes. 

Scratchy by the way has been exceptionally grumpy this week I don't know what's up with him lately I have a sneaky suspicion he has a crush on a female cat called Tabby, she doesn't like him. I have been spending a lot of time with her lately, she claims she is related to Scratchy and I.  I suppose with my mother and her reputation of producing a lot of offspring, she could be right.

Scratchy when he's happy.
My humans have not been to happy with me lately as I have been spending a lot of time away from home, with Tabby.  I have just been coming home for food and then straight out again.  They think I have got mixed up with the catnip crowd, but Tabby and I have nothing to do with them.  It is quite exciting to go mouse hunting with a cat that is not part of my family.

 I don't think I will ever be one of the catnip crowd. I can take it or leave it, tried the stuff a couple of times it had no effect on me at all.  I do hear some cats love it and if it's eaten it acts as a sedative.  Maybe I should get Scratchy to try eating some it may calm him down and make hi less grumpy.

I said I would tell you a little more about our book The Little Book Of Cats.  It is having it final proof readings at the moment, and it should be for sale on in a couple of weeks.

Our Book
As you can see it has the same picture of Scratchy on the front cover and of course me!   It is not just about us, it has 40 pages with  cat history, pictures, illustrations and original and traditional verse.  We are hoping to also have it on sale with Amazon. 

That's enough of the sales pitch.

I am now on Facebook and Twitter as PatchyMeow, so feel free to say hi to me if you are on these sites, and you can have a look at my page on Squidoo.

Sooty has had a bad stomach for a couple of days, I think he has eaten a lizard. Do you know that lizards can carry salmonella bacteria on their skin ?  A friend of mine told me that recently, I think I  will be staying away from lizards from now on.  I much prefer to chase mice anyway.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

So Many Mice So Little Time.

Hello Reader,
So much for trying to do a weekly post, but never mind better late than never.
You know a lot of humans don’t realise that we cats are very busy creatures. So many mice so little time. They also assume that because I was feral that I am really wild. No, I am sorry to say that I am rather tame, although I have been known to stay out all night on quite a few occasions.

Me trying to look Wild

I am happy to say that Sooty is over his cold and is back to his usual self.
Thank goodness, all that sneezing was beginning to get on my nerves. Scratchy is also fine, he always gets on my nerves ! His eye is as good as new now.

Did you know we are going to have a book published soon? I had the idea for some time and mentioned it to the other cats. They agreed it was a good idea, so I did some research and this is what I came up with regarding publishing companies.
The big publishing houses do not like dealing with cats, particularly ex feral ones. I can only guess that they must have had a problem with flea infestations in the past !
For the record I do not have fleas.

My humans suggested that it may be a good idea to try self publishing, with a print on demand service. So we checked out and and we thought they were probably the best ones to try.
Anyway to cut a long story short the book is nearly finished. I shall tell you more about it in my next post (if you are interested).

I hope any visitors to my blog will take part in my poll, so far the cat people are in the lead.

YES !!!!!

Gingy and Sooty have been doing a lot of bird chasing this week. they seem to be forever up a tree. Gingy even brought a dead bird into the house last week, much to the disgust of our humans. I of course would never do such a thing; I hide them outside ! Half of a dead rat was also found in the garden last week. Nobody has confessed to bringing it here. My bets are on Blackie, she has been acting very shifty lately.

Blackie looking "Shifty"

Oh! I have just been informed it is time to be fed. I must go before Scratchy steals my portion.
Love Patchy

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

More about the five cats

Hello again

Time flies doesn't it, I can't believe it is February already.  As promised I will tell you a little more about my "adopted" siblings, Blackie, Sooty and Gingy.

For a while there was just Scratchy and I, then Blackie; she was given this name later, started to make appearances in our garden.  She tried to make friends with my human family.  At first we resisted because we thought she may have had a home elsewhere, but she kept coming back and refusing to leave.
This happened about October / November 2010.
Now let us fast forward to April 2011.  Blackie had established herself as a very regular visitor to our home, at sometime in mid April (we are not sure of the exact date)  she gave birth to two kittens, somewhere in the garden.  Nobody had any idea this had happened until they were found installed in a box in our garage.  They were about 2 weeks old by then.

Blackie had given birth to a ginger tabby female, Gingy and to a male who was coloured black, Sooty.  She was a very protective mother, usually hissing at Scratchy and I if we came to near to her kittens

So Blackie and her kittens eventually "adopted" our family and made their home here, Scratchy and I were not to pleased to start with, but we got used to them being here.

Blackie is an outdoor cat (like me) she prefer to spend most of her time outside, but she rarely leaves the boundries of the property, she is a timid and quiet cat although if her kids give her any grief she will swiftly chastise them.

Gingy is quite brave and a feisty little cat, she can also be very affectionate, when it
suits her.

Sooty is the most affectionate and loving of all, he is what I would consider to be a "big softy", but he can stand his ground when he has to.  He often chases away any nosey cats that may come snooping around.
 The two male of our brood have not been so healthy of late.  Scratchy has had an eye infection, caused by being scratched near his eye.  Knowing Scratchy he was probably fighting when out at night.  Sooty has a cold, he has been doing quite a lot of sneezing.  He refuses to stay indoors all day even though the weather has been cold and wet recently.

That's all for now, so until the next time BYE.

      Love Patchy XXX