Wednesday, 8 February 2012

More about the five cats

Hello again

Time flies doesn't it, I can't believe it is February already.  As promised I will tell you a little more about my "adopted" siblings, Blackie, Sooty and Gingy.

For a while there was just Scratchy and I, then Blackie; she was given this name later, started to make appearances in our garden.  She tried to make friends with my human family.  At first we resisted because we thought she may have had a home elsewhere, but she kept coming back and refusing to leave.
This happened about October / November 2010.
Now let us fast forward to April 2011.  Blackie had established herself as a very regular visitor to our home, at sometime in mid April (we are not sure of the exact date)  she gave birth to two kittens, somewhere in the garden.  Nobody had any idea this had happened until they were found installed in a box in our garage.  They were about 2 weeks old by then.

Blackie had given birth to a ginger tabby female, Gingy and to a male who was coloured black, Sooty.  She was a very protective mother, usually hissing at Scratchy and I if we came to near to her kittens

So Blackie and her kittens eventually "adopted" our family and made their home here, Scratchy and I were not to pleased to start with, but we got used to them being here.

Blackie is an outdoor cat (like me) she prefer to spend most of her time outside, but she rarely leaves the boundries of the property, she is a timid and quiet cat although if her kids give her any grief she will swiftly chastise them.

Gingy is quite brave and a feisty little cat, she can also be very affectionate, when it
suits her.

Sooty is the most affectionate and loving of all, he is what I would consider to be a "big softy", but he can stand his ground when he has to.  He often chases away any nosey cats that may come snooping around.
 The two male of our brood have not been so healthy of late.  Scratchy has had an eye infection, caused by being scratched near his eye.  Knowing Scratchy he was probably fighting when out at night.  Sooty has a cold, he has been doing quite a lot of sneezing.  He refuses to stay indoors all day even though the weather has been cold and wet recently.

That's all for now, so until the next time BYE.

      Love Patchy XXX