Friday, 23 March 2012

My Book Of Cats

Welcome blog readers.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, I would like to introduce myself.  I am Patchy Meow, I am a very talkative cat and I like to write about my life and that of my cat siblings.

In my last post I was talking about the strange habits of my brother Sooty.  He has a habit of sitting in the most unusual places.  He still likes to sit in the cat litter box, but now he has started to sit on my female human's ironing board ! When she has finished ironing he just jumps up on it, and just sits there staring down at we cats.
Methinks he  has delusions of grandeur. He has also a liking for sitting on the kitchen pedal bin.
Sooty on the ironing board

Sooty on the bin

The Little Book Of Cats

Finally my book is for sale on  I have ordered a copy for myself and I can't wait until it arrives, and I can see everything in print. If you would like to preview the book just click on the widget below or you can click on the little book badge on the top left side of the home page.

I have tried to keep the price as low as I can (colour book are more expensive than black and white) It retails at €7.95(inc tax) + postage.

So what else has been happening, ah, yes the scratching posts. We have had a couple of scratching posts in our garden for a few months now.They are just two long pieces of wood that are leaned against the palm tree in our garden. We all love using them, and try to scratch our way to the top, Blackie is getting quite good at that.
The scratching posts

It is a good idea to have some sort of scratching post for your cat, it stops them scratching the furniture and carpets. There's plenty of cat furniture you can buy for indoor cats, it provides them with exercise.

Blackie and Gingy have been very naughty this week, they have brought some half chewed lizards into the house again.  I keep telling them not to do it, but will they listen !

Scratchy has been keeping a low profile of late, but he still continues to be in a grumpy mood.  I have given up trying to cheer him up.

Do you know that cats like being massaged, we love it, it's even better than having our tummies tickled.  OK it's not like when you humans have a massage and you lie on a table and have nice smelling oils rubbed into you. Just a light rub with the finger tips around the ears, neck, back and tummy.  It makes me feel really nice and sleepy.

I wouldn't try this with a grumpy, bad tempered cat (like Scratchy) you may end up getting scratched.


Have a look at this video from you tube it is Soooooo Cute and funny.

OK who wants to see a cute kitten picture !!!!!!

Public domain image - courtesy of Reusable

All together now Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

I will finish now and say goodbye until the next time, got to fly!!!!

Patchy Meow

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Monday, 12 March 2012

The Black Hole Of Collars

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to the visitors of my blog from the following countries:
Cyprus, Canada, Germany, Malta, Pakistan, Russia, United Kingdom and USA.
Thank you for reading my blog, it makes me purry happy to see visitors from all different parts of the world.
Cyprus has large UK and Russian communities in Cyprus.

You are probably wondering why this blog post is titled the Black Hole Of Collars, let me explain; last week Gingy and I both lost our collars on the same day. It is not the first time for me or the second or the third. Scratchy and I have lost more collars this year than the other cats put together.

Where do all these collars go? Is there a thief thats steals them while we are sleeping?
I try to tell my humans that I have not got a clue where they go to, but I do not think they believe me.

My conclusion on this matter is that there must be a black hole somewhere, sucking up collars, hence calling it the Black Hole of Collars. I have heard people talk about a black hole when they lose one of their socks.
What do you think? If you have an answer to this universal mystery please let me know in my comments box.

A black hole - Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

So what else has been happening lately. Scratchy, as usual has been fighting again and getting scratched. He came come two days ago looking very dirty. I think he had spent the night sleeping under a car, not a good thing to do. As a reminder to drivers, if you park your car on the street ensure there is no cat sleeping under it before you drive off. A squashed cat is not a pleasant sight and I have seen too many squashed cats in my time.

Gingy, Sooty and Blackie have been very busy chasing lizards. Now the weather is getting a little warmer there are plenty to be found. Of course my number one pass time is still bird watching. I am also quite fond of eating, although a cat has to watch her waistline I don’t want to end up looking like Garfield!

Sooty and his "strange habit."
I am still spending my time hanging out with Tabby. The other cats are not fond of her and try to chase her away. Sooty has a particular loathing of her, I can’t understand him sometimes. Sooty has also got a very peculiar habit at the moment. He keeps sitting in the cat litter box! Very strange cat.

I am happy that spring is just around the corner. More birds around and more mice to chase, and plenty of flowers and grass in the fields to hide behind. Grass can make a good hiding place when you are on a hunting trip. The only drawback is the ticks hiding in the. The cheeky beggars jump on you and stick to you with a grip of iron. The mere thought of ticks makes me itch.

I will have to leave you now, I need to tell my humans which new cat collar I prefer, one with diamonds would be nice. They will probably ignore me though and buy one I didn’t prefer. Well a cat can try! Bye.

My imaginary diamond collar