Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Spring Fever

Hello again,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks, I have been really very busy lately.

What do you thinks of the blog’s new look?

I hope you had a happy Easter. Did you eat too many chocolate eggs? We cats can’t eat chocolate as a chemical in chocolate called theobromine is toxic to us; dogs also. We cats can’t taste sweet anyway, so we don’t miss eating chocolate.

In Cyprus Easter week is this week, a different Easter calendar is followed here, they still follow the Julian calendar; invented by Julius Caesar. This calendar was used until 1582 , when the Gregorian calendar was adopted by western churches. 

You can read an article written by a friend of mine; Easter in Cyprus.

We have had some mixed weather this week, sunshine and rain.  I like the sunshine and hate the rain, you know how we cats hate water, apart from Sooty who loves rain and dipping his feet in the water bowl.  He is the only one of us five cats who has taken a bath. No way would you get me in a bath.  Scratchy jumped in a bath of water once, but he jumped straight out again.

Sooty has just added another object to his collection of strange places to sit.  He has taken to sitting on a jute shopping bag.  When the shopping has been taken out, he likes to sit on it.

Sooty asleep on the jute shopping bag.

Scratchy was not too well last week, he had a cyst on his neck and he scratched it (as usual) and it burst.  Would he let anyone touch him, No Way!  He is OK now, as he managed not to get an infection. so you could say he has had a good excuse to be grumpy.

Gingy and Blackie are still decimating the lizard population.  They left one outside the door for our humans, as usually they were not impressed, I think they would have preferred a mouse.

This is the first of the Five Cats Chronicles videos on YouTube

Now that the weather is getting warmer, there is a van that drives around our streets. It goes along playing loud music and the strange thing about it is humans come out of their houses at the sound of the music; it’s a bit like the Piped Piper.

They buy these cold coloured things called ice cream, where does the cream come into it, cream isn’t coloured or white and swirly with a chocolate stick poking out of it ! Like any cat I am partial to a bit of cream now and again, but frozen no thank you.

You humans eat some strange things.

Ice Cream Dessert, c.1959 (Red, Pink and White)

                                        Ice Cream...
                                       Andy Warhol
                                Buy This at

I have included a picture of this ice cream, painted by someone called Andy Warhol, didn’t he quote something about everybody having 15 minutes of fame? Well I don’t know if he had his 15 minutes, what became of him, I wonder!!!!!

 Tabby and I are not speaking to each other a the moment, my new BFF is now Sooty. Yes Sooty and I have been spending a lot more time hanging out together, and we have become good friends.  I found out he likes mouse chasing as much as I do.

Must go now, Bye, and a Kalo Pascha to everyone celebrating Easter this week.

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