Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Goodbye Scratchy

Hello readers

I have to start this post with some bad news.  My brother Scratchy passed away in the early hours of Monday 14th May (2012) the day after his 2nd birthday.  He had been ill for just over a week with a respiratory infection the vet said it was serious he went there twice to receive antibiotic injections etc, and was due to go again on Monday morning, he never made it.

I have been so sad and I miss him very much, I have not been pleasant company; I have been extremely grumpy; that is another thing I miss about Scratchy him being grumpy!

R.I.P Scratchy

Anyway life has to go on and gone on it has, as I said before I was very upset and ran away for 2 days, but I had to come back and I was so hungry I ate three bowls of food.

Sooty came home last week with a huge chunk of fur missing from the top of his tale, it looks like someone has taken a bite. He is reluctant to let any of our humans touch it. He came home today covered in some sort of sticky grass seeds, my humans tried to brush them off him, I have had them same stuck all over me.
That's what we get for rolling around in the grass.  While on the subject of rolling around, I have been enjoying rolling around in dust and getting dirty again.

Gingy and Blackie must be holding a record at the moment for chasing and catching lizards and mice. They have left a few outside the back door, I have told them the humans don't like them, but they still do it.
Gingy chased a lizard and a mouse into the house this week, they then got chased back out again.

They weather is starting to warm up getting ready for summer. This is the time when we cats start to get a little lazy during the day, and prefer to sleep in the day time, so we can patrol at night. I like the night patrol, less humans more mice.

Please don't forget to leave some water for feral cats to drink, you don't need to feed them if you don't want to, many cats die from dehydration in the hot weather.

Tabby held a constant vigil outside our back door when Scratchy was ill, he still hasn't left. I hope he realises that Scratchy is not coming out to play again. I at first thought Tabby was a female, I later found out that she was a he. We are not talking at the moment, in fact I have not been talking to many cats at the moment.

I would like to share with you a video I uploaded onto YouTube. It shows all of us (including Scratching Sleeping)

Well, I must go now and I promise to post soon.

Patchy >^..^<