Monday, 23 July 2012

Some Like It Hot

Hello everyone,

How has your summer been so far ?
For those of  you living in the UK, I hope you don't go rusty with all the rain you have had. I hope you get some nice weather soon.

Things are hot, hot, hot in Cyprus with temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius, and nudging near 40 degrees in some places.

We cats have taken to sleeping in the day and patrolling at night when it is cooler. We like to sleep inside the house during the day or fine a shady spot outside. Sooty has been tipping over the water bowl, so he can cool his paws in the water. I am not sure if our humans are happy with that.

Gingy and Blackie have caught so many lizards lately I have lost count, Gingy still chases them into the house.

Blackie has developed a strange habit of drinking her water from the outside tap. We uploaded a video of her on You Tube called Cat Fountain, take a look below.

Blackie is so funny, she "meows" to our humans and stands on the wall near to the tap, and waits for someone to turn the tap on for her (of course if we had thumbs we could do this for ourselves) She then has a long drink from the running water from the tap.

Blackie also has a novel way to cool down; she sits in the sink after the water has been running. I like to cool down by lying on  a tiled floor indoors (see my picture below)

Me trying to cool down on the floor.

I had a fight with Tabby a few weeks ago, he refuses to leave our garden and I was fed up with it. He stood there with his hair on end hissing at me. If it wasn't for my human female coming to stop us we would have been scrapping big time. Tabby already has a damaged eye from a fight with another cat a few months ago.

Olympic fever is everywhere at the moment, you can not escape it, not even on this blog.

Olympic rings symbol - public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

According to Wikipedia the above Olympic rings symbol was designed by Baron Pierre de Courbertin in 1912. He was the founder of the modern Olympic games.

The five rings represent the five continents: The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

We cats should have our own Olympics some of the categories could be:

Chase the Mouse 100 metres
Chase the Lizard 200 metres

Eat your dinner time trial.

Widdle throwing (who can widdle the furthest)

If you can think of any more let me know.

I have been a member of the #wlf (Whiskas Liberation Front) on Twitter. I was amazed by how many cats, dogs and other animals are on Twitter. If there are any cats out there wish to join the #wlf click on the link Eldrid Elephant. When you are accepted the @madhatter makes you a lovely #wlf beret that appears on your profile picture. If you join let me know on my blog comments and you can look me up on Twitter @PatchyMeow.

I have shed quite a lot of hair so far this summer, Gingy is only half as fluffy as she usually is in the cooler weather.

Do cats like hot weather ?  No, we don't really but then again, cold and rainy weather isn't too good either.

I would like to ask you dear blog reader to do a favour to any stray or feral cats. If you have any hot weather or live in a hot country, please, please leave some water out for them to drink, it would be a great kindness.

Strays and ferals can manage to find some water when it rains, but hot summer weather can be a killer.  More stray and feral cats die from dehydration than from starvation.

Well, that's all from me for now

Love Patchy X