Friday, 28 September 2012

Cats and Blogs

When I embarked on my journey into the blogisphere (spell check won't like that word) I naively thought that there may not be too many blogging felines out there; how wrong I was. There are many blogging cats / cat bloggers out there in blogger land all wishing to tell you about their stories, news, causes etc.

So as the title of this blog states this post is about cats and blogs.  I have made many feline friends on Twitter and a number on Facebook, many of them are members of the wonderful #wlf (Whiskas Liberation Front).

 I  would like to introduce you to some of the cats in my Blog, Twitter and Facebook circles.

Felix and Jasper

Felix and Jasper are recent Twitter friends of mine who live in Bonny Scotland and are members of the #wlf. They are senior cats, but that doesn't stop them from having a bit of fun. They have their own excellent blog called Felix and Jasper Blogalot. Their blog has news, quizzes, music and videos and a dedicated page of their Special Pals, I am one of them; thanks guys. 

You can check out their blog here: Felix and Jasper Blogalot. They are great guys and very caring cats with big hearts. You can find them on Twitter: @Fe_Jas

Mr Tibbs

Mr Tibbs is another of my Twitter and Facebook friends and a great pal. His is the #wlf  statesman and a very nice cat he is too, and a great friend of all animals (or anipals as we like to call them)  

He has a magazine column at Adams Publishing, which is a local magazine in Colchester in England. You can take a look at one of his columns here:
Mr Tibbs has a fan page on Facebook with many fans: and you can find him on Twitter here: @MrTibbsatAP

If you think his name is familiar you are correct, Mr Tibbs is a Sidney Poitier character in the films; In The Heat Of The Night and They Call Me Mr Tibbs.

Mr Pie

Mr Pie or Pie the fat cat as he once was know is one of my Twitter pals. Pie is no longer a fat cat, he lost weight with the help of PDSA Pet Fit Club. He is from Cheshire in England; a Cheshire cat I have heard of one of those before, but where??? Pie was original named Mince Pie.

He is a friendly caring cat and a member of #wlf. He has is own site: Pie the fat cat, and you can find him on Twitter: @Mr_Pie

Freddy Vander Cat

From Right to left - Mini (Freddy's kid sister) Alyst, Freddy and Merlyn (Freddy's older sister)

Freddy Vander Cat, full name Freddy Vander Bitsa Cat is another #wlf pal of mine. He lives in England, and he is a lovely, friendly Turkish Van cat. Now if you are wondering how Freddy got the unusual name Bitsa; I will let him tell you in his own words; "Well Dad thought I looked like I'd been made from leftover bitsa cats - hence the Bitsa Cat!

He made a blog all about his wedding to Alyst Madelson cat. You can read the blog here:Freddy's Wedding
You can find him on Twitter @FreddyVanCat

There are many more cats out here on the Internet and I shall be setting up a dedicated page in the near future, like my pals Felix and Jasper.

Now for news from the home front, Gingy eye is slowly healing, we are not sure if her sight will be permanently affected, but we are keeping our paws and fingers crossed.

Sooty has been a little grumpy lately and taken having further stand offs with Tabby, he is not his favourite cat at the moment, I think he wishes he would take himself elsewhere. 

I have been quite elusive at the moment, I like to be out on patrols and come home for food 2 -3 times a day and if the other don't eat it I will. I work up such a large appetite when I am out and about. Blackie has been very mean to Gingy lately I don't know what has got into her, every now and then she will take a swipe at her. I will have to have words.

Anyway that all for now, happy reading.