Friday, 14 September 2012

For Whom The Bell Doesn't Toll

Hello, long time no blog, very sorry I was off on an extended patrol so I didn't get much of a chance to write any post. Now I am back into the swing of things, Watch this space!

cat + collar = sad cat

 We cats all have a new collar. I hold the record in my cat family for losing the most, the shortest time between getting a new collar to losing it was about 48 hours, my humans were not very pleased.

Apart from not liking collars, the thing that really bugs me about cat collars are the bells, I hate them (see picture above) According to the RSPB a cat collar with a bell can reduce a cat predation by about a third read here. This does not please some cats, how can we sneak up on those birdies and mice with a blasted bell announcing your arrival.

The first thing that come off the collar if I can not get rid of it is the bell, my lasted collar has lasted for 2 weeks so far; human mum crossing fingers it stays on. The bell however I managed to make that disappear within 24 hours. Although I don't think I would mind a collar with real diamonds, after all diamonds are a girls best friend (so I have heard)

My imaginary diamond collar.
So, what else is going on in my corner of the cat universe;

Gingy has been in the wars lately, on Saturday she came into the house and hid in a box, human mum found her. She must have had a fight with a cat,dog or something. One side of her face had a bloody wound and her eye was a mess, blood red, swollen with blood pouring out of it. We were all shocked and upset. Gingy was terrified, mum tried to get her in the cat box to take to the vets but she just hissed and scratched and went mad, she ran out of the house and didn't come back for two days.


Everyone was worried, I had all my twitter friends at the #wlf calling for her to come home. We were all relieved when she came back. Although she disappeared for again 24 hours after trying to get her to the vets again.
She will not let anyone touch her anywhere near her eye or the side of her face, but the swelling has gone down her eye is still blood red though, and she has got some eye drops now let's hope they help.
Sooty - The cat that thinks he is a dog

Sooty has been his usual self, I am pretty sure that cat thinks he is a dog. He follows our human dad around like a lap dog when he is out in the garden he follows him everywhere.

Blackie is still decimating the lizard population and trying to keep an eye on her kids. 

We have uploaded 3 new videos on our YouTube channel, take a look below.



That's all for now, watch out for my next post.


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