Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cats and Blogs 2

As promised I have some more Cats and Blogs for you. The Catisverse has many bloggers so here are just a few to whet your appetite.

I will start with a Twitter friend from down under:

Dugal Down Under

If you haven’t already guessed Dugal is from Australia. He lives in Adelaide in South Australia.  He has a great, or as we say pawsome, blog site called Three Aussie Cats . It is all about Dugal and his other cat siblings. Plenty of great pages; pictures and information, also there are Three Aussie Cats YouTube videos for you to enjoy.

We next have a newcomer to the world of blogging, he is the suave:

Harry Clooney

Harry lives in the UK; you will of course recognise that he takes his name from the world famous actor and sex symbol George Clooney. Harry is also very much like James Bond, in fact his first blog post is titled Pussy Galore. Harry shares with you his gentleman's guide for ensuring that you are surrounded by pretty kitties.

 His next post promises to give you some family advice, take my advice and take a look at his blog for yourselves at:

Now please put your paws (or hands) together for my next blogger, the muti award winner:


Nerrisa lives in Canada and takes the name of a character from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

The blog is called Nerissa's Life, it is all about Nerissa and cat siblings Nerissa, Mason, Beatrice, Seville and Rushton (if I have left any siblings out please let me know Nerissa)

There's plenty to read and you can see and all the awards the blog has received; an unintentional rhyme slipped in there.
Nerissa has kindly informed me about the members of his cat family they are as follows:

Primrose, Snowdrop, Blossom, Jacob, Beatrice, Constance, Tobias, Tess, Mason, Seville and Rushton. Primrose, Snowdrop & Blossom are my aunties by adoption; Jacob is my dad; Beatrice & Constance are my sisters and littermates  Tobias, Tess & Mason are my sisters by adoption and Seville & Rushton are my brothers by adoption. 

You can find Nerrisa's blog here:

I would love an award, and I am ashamed to say I am a little bit envious of all Nerissa's awards, don't tell anyone will you. So if there is anyone out there in blogger land who wishes to take a look at my poor old bloggy and wishes to bestow any kind of award, you know I will be grateful. 

Enough of the begging now, so what is happening in my neck of the woods, well I got a new Twitter hair do  you want a peek? Please no laughing.

On a serious note, this wig was for Domestic Violence Awareness. If you or anyone you know is suffering from domestic violence please find some help. There is help out there, you do not have to "put up" with it, make it stop.

Gingy's eye is much the same, we do know that she has lost most of the vision in that eye, poor Gingy. But you know, it has not  affected her as much as I thought, she is the same Gingy, still feisty and strong willed.

Sooty has developed an enormous appetite he has been eating his food and everyone else's if they look away from it for just a moment. My humans thinks he has *whispers* w-o-r-m-s I can't say the word, yuck.
He has already been treated recently but it looks like he needed a larger dose. Anyway the least said on this subject the better.

Blackie has been up to her usual lizard catching rat catching tricks, we found the remains of a rat in the garden the other day. Blackie should be called Artemis; Greek goddess of hunting.

Must go now it is nearly food time again, yes, Sooty be helping me with the next blog post for Halloween. 

Oh, yes I must mention that The Little Book of Cats is now available as an ebook, if you are interested take a look at the Little Book of Cats page on this blog.

See you then.