Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

Hello again, nice to be back, I had a little break for a week. I didn't go away anywhere, no I was just in hiding for most of the week.  "Now Patchy why were you hiding?" I can imagine you thinking. I have to confess to not being very good with visitors. This past week my human mum has had her mother from England to stay for the week and on top of that my humans' daughter had a birthday party at the house. I decided to make myself invisible for most of the week, children tramping all over the house is a big no, no for me.

I am extremely shy so if anyone is visiting and I don't know them too well;  you don't see me for dust.  I am sorry but that is just how I am. Gingy and Sooty do not care they are not particularly shy, Blackie is also a little shy and she stayed outside the house for a while until she gets used to the idea of visitors.

I have toyed with the idea of hiding in fancy dress, here is one of my costumes below:

Spanish lady costume image : courtesy of Face in Hole.com

A very nice costume don't you think? but I decided it was a little bit too conspicuous I don't think you will find too many Spanish Ladies walking around Cyprus, dressed like this. Also do not think I could cope with the potential male attention either.  Anyway I have survived the week and everything is back to how it was before.

Now you may be curious to know why this blog post is titled Curiouser and Curiouser. I can tell you it is nothing to do with the proverb Curiosity killed the cat ( heaven forbid that any cat's curiosity gets it killed). I am going to show you all the curious places that my brother Sooty has decided to make his sleeping or sitting spot. The inspiration for the title is from Alice in Wonderland: "Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice.

I have made a list (with pictures) of where Sooty has been sleeping or sitting.

1. The litter box

2. Inside a bed 

3. On top of the ironing board.

4. On top of the kitchen bin.

5. In the utility room, sitting on his beloved Jute bag.

6. On top of the microwave.

7. The kitchen worktop, sitting on a tea towel.

As you can see, Sooty has some curious places, I personally prefer a sofa, on top of a bed or a cat bed. When I am outside and it's not too hot a wall or garden suits me fine.

Well I must be off on patrols, have to make sure I am not out of the loop with the rest of the cat community.

See you soon.