Monday, 5 November 2012

Pawty Animal

Well what a busy week I have had, I have attended three parties, or as we cats like to call them pawties, and a carnival. The first was last Sunday 28th October, members of The Whiskas Liberation Front; wlf for short, had a Twitter Halloween birthday celebration for Mr Pie, at a haunted house. We had a scream (please excuse any bad puns I am not holding myself responsible as I have a catnip hangover.) There were lots of spooky things going on.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, my next pawty was a Facebook wedding celebration between Troy Cat and Betty Pouncey. This pawty was a 4 day celebration, I only managed to attend for two days, those cats sure know who to keep a pawty going. The dress theme for this party; of course Halloween costume, here was one of mine:
Picture courtesy of Face in
Last night I attended another WLF pawty,(#wlfbonfire) this time a Bonfire Pawty, this was in aid of raising money for Claudia and Her Cats. This shindig was a 5 hour affair, and a great time was had by all. There was plenty of dancing, eating and drinking and *whispers* catnip changing hands, but don't tell anyone will you.  For this pawty you had to wrap up to watch the fireworks and keep our paws warm by the bonfire; as you can see from my picture:

Image: Face in, Bonfire image courtesy of

On Saturday afternoon I attended Bad Andy's Third Annual Carnie Pawty (hash tag #CPawty on Twitter) What a great carnival party this is you really must go and take a look at Carnie Pawty Land.  It is just like a real carnival, with fairground rides, stalls with food, drink, fortune telling cats and much more.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving my first very own blog award, yes an award I feel so honoured. I have received The Super Sweet Blogging Award and very nice it is too. It was bestowed upon me by my pal Nerissa the cat, who you can find over on his own blog Nerissa's Life

What a lovely colourful cupcake award.

I would like to send a big THANK YOU to Nerissa, he is such a lovely puss.

I would now like now award the Super Sweet Blogging Award to some more blogs, they are as follows:

I shall be notifying the award winners in due course, you all have great blogs that deserve an award.

I have a new and improved blog all about chocolate Chocolate Recipes for a Chocoholic if you are a chocolate fan, please go and take a look, it has a great chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And so I shall go now and rest my weary paws and get some sleep, I shall be expecting this week to be much quieter. Bye for now.