Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sooty Come Home

You will have probably heard this question many a time: Do you want the good news or the bad news? Well, in this post I will be giving you both the good and the bad at the same time.

Sooty my brother; known for having a love affair with a jute bag and sitting in strange places, went missing last Tuesday afternoon. He has been known to wander off (but not too far) in the afternoon and not come back until morning, so we didn't think to much about it. He didn't appear in the morning or the evening, so by then we were a little concerned.  My humans asked a neighbour if he had seen him, he said no, and so we waited. He had not made an appearance by the next day, so by then everyone started to be more concerned and went out to look for him, shouting his name, and looking up and down the nearby streets, but nothing.


We live in a semi-rural village, it is surrounded by agricultural fields which are pretty hard to search as they are so vast, good for mouse hunting, but not good for searching for a black cat.  Day 4 arrived and my human mum decided it was time to make posters to stick on lamp posts(and one for a local shop); and ask some more around the neighbourhood. As we had no response, and no one had seen Sooty we had our suspicions that he had got locked inside somewhere.  A neighbour of ours across the road has a large workshop, The workship is behind locked gates within a large fenced off area of land; he repairs refrigerators, mum started to think he was in there, unfortunately there was no one there at the weekend. Mum's became more convinced that he was trapped in there yesterday when Gingy was seen outside the workshop gates yesterday.

Mum and Dad went over but there was still no one there, they went back again, no one. Evening came and dad went to the workshop owners house, next to the workshop. Mum was at home in the kitchen, I was out on patrols. She was waiting for news and who should pop in through the kitchen patio window, no guesses, yes Sooty. Hurrah!!!!!! she was right, he had been trapped inside the workshop, as soon as the man opened up the door and Dad and my human sister shouted for him he came dashing out and straight home.

No guesses what the first thing my mum did, yes, she cried and gave him a big squishy hug, and the first thing Sooty did was eat. He ate a big bowl of cat food, I can not imagine how hungry he must have been. I am hungry most of the time (even though I have been w-o-r-m-e-d) mum says I am a little piggy.  Sooty had lost some weight and he was very anxious whilst in the house, mum did not want him to go out.  Anyway she relented as you can image being trapped inside a building for 6 days would probably send you stir crazy, even prison inmates get to go outside for exercise.  He was out all night, but came back this morning more of his usual self, thank goodness.

I would like to thank all my friends on Twitter and Facebook who have given there support and kind words, and even lit candles for Sooty to light his way home. I sincerely thank you you know who you are you are the greatest. Hugs xxxxxxxx. Also a special thank you to @Burmese_Jason who sent me this lovely picture of St. Gertrude, who is the patron Saint of cats.

Now you would think that Blackie and Gingy would be pleased to see Sooty, where they? Well Blackie and Gingy sniffed him and then proceeded to ignore him. I gather they were not pleased with him for going and getting himself lost.

Now on a lighter note.

For those of you in the US who celebrated Thanksgiving this week I would like to show you a video I made using Jib Jab.com called The Pilgrim's Song. It includes two of my Twitter feline friends; Duchess of Bramley and Tweeting Truman, and a few other familiar faces. It is extremely funny, do watch.

I also made this for my friend Duchess of Bramley a.k.a Tractor girl


I was also made a lovely vintage profile picture (see below) by my Twitter friend @JeffMusk, isn't it cute. I would like to say thank you again Jeff.

Must go now, I shall be blogging again soon as I have plenty more to blog about, bye for now.

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