Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Mystery of the Missing Meat.

Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Poirot, Nancy Drew and even Scooby Doo. What do they all have in common? They all solve mysteries.  Yes, we found ourselves involved with our very own mystery last Sunday. The plot was well and truly thick, thicker than cold porridge and lumpy custard.

What was the mystery? I will unravel it before your very eyes, and on the case is Miss Marpcat. With her help we hope you dear reader can unravel the Mystery of the Missing Meat.

Miss Marpcat

So we will travel a little back in time, to last Sunday.  My human mum decided she was going to treat everyone to rump steak for dinner (if we were very lucky we might get a little bit too)  She had intended on taking the steak out of the freezer to defrost the evening before, but silly mum had forgotten.  She left the steak out to defrost in the morning, it was left in the freezer bag on a plate on the kitchen worktop. Hopefully it would defrost by the time is she was ready to cook dinner.

So far so good, no mystery or drama yet, but wait, my human dad in his naivety or stupidity; as mum said later; decided it wasn't defrosting quick enough.  The sun was out and shining through the kitchen window. Ah ha he thought I will leave the steak to defrost on the outside window ledge of the kitchen.  Can you hear the alarm bells ringing, no! listen again. A bag of juicy rump steak left to defrost on a window ledge! With four cats and and feral Tabby cat in the vicinity!

And so we move on, the afternoon turned to evening.  Mum had forgotten about the steak, she didn't even know that it had been moved to the windowsill.  Dad however remembered to take a look and see if the steak was ready to be cooked.  He went outside, and what did he see?  The plate was still sitting on the windowsill, but wait!♫DA DA DA♫ the bag was ripped and a piece of the juicy rump steak was missing???? Where was it?  He looked for evidence, yes there was a small trail of blood from the steak and a couple of bloodspots on the stair leading from the patio. Someone had stolen a piece of steak, but who was the guilty party? Who wantonly stole the piece of meat ?  There was but one answer it was one of we cats, but Who???

Now Miss Marpcat in her wisdom would have carried out this scenario, gather all the evidence and compile a list of suspects. So the list is as follows:

Suspect Number 1 Patchy

Now in my defence I have to point out I was nowhere to be seen in the timeline of the crime. I was out on an extended patrol, I was not seen by anyone until later that evening.

Suspect Number 2 Gingy

Yes, sweet little Gingy, but is she?  Gingy has taken to sitting on the kitchen window ledge when the sun is out. Is she the guilty party? Was she inside when the crime was carried out?

Suspect Number 3 Sooty

Sooty was around at the time of the crime? or was he on patrols.  No one can remember exactly where Sooty was that Sunday afternoon.  Was he the guilty party?

Suspect Number 4 Blackie

Where was Blackie on the afternoon in question.  She was in the kitchen lying on a chair for most of the afternoon. Was dear old Blackie guilty?

Suspect Number 5 Tabby the feral cat

Here is the previously unseen Tabby the feral cat.  He is always hanging around the garden. He never comes into the house and runs away when anyone goes near him (apart from when there's a bowl of food ) Was he the Prime Suspect.

Now you see all the suspects are laid before you. Who do you think Miss Marpcat would say is guilty?
Well dear readers I would like you to tell me. Who do you think committed this terrible bloodsoaked crime? Who is the mysterious meat thief?  If you think you know, please leave your answer in the comments box.

This crime can not go unpunished.