Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to Make an Easter Chick

Now for something completely different, well OK not completely different I am keeping with the chicken theme from last week's post.  I have decided to go all crafty for this my post this week and show you all how to make this very cute (unedible) Easter Chick.

Easter is here again, Easter is a time of renewal, spring time. 

Why not make this adorable little Easter chick, complete with an Easter bonnet. 

Children will love helping you make one or maybe more.



You Will Need

1 of each 
12" / 30 cm Yellow Pipe Cleaner
 12 "/ 30 cm Orange Pipe Cleaner
12 " / 30 cm Red Pipe Cleaner

1  1" (2.5cm) Yellow pom pom
1 0.5" (1.27cm) Yellow pom pom

2 small googley eyes

Small triangle of orange felt


  1.  Glue the small yellow pom pom to the large pom pom (you could use a low temperature glue gun).


    2.  Glue the googley eyes to the small pom pom.

    3.  Glue the orange felt triangle to the chick's head; you could also use a small triangle of foam instead of felt.

    4.  Cut the yellow pipe cleaner in half; shape as above to make a tail and wings. Glue in place.

     5.  Cut the orange pipe cleaner into 3 pieces (4"/10cm) shape as above to make feet, glue in place.

Your Easter Chick is ready for his/her Easter Bonnet.


 6. Cut the red pipe cleaner into 3 peices (4"/10cm) cut each piece again  into half and shape one half into a doughnut shape.

7.  Twist the other half around itself (into a spiral shape) insert into the doughnut shape, glue into place.

8. Glue the bonnet into place and glue the small silk flower onto the bonnet.

The chick can be made with bigger size pom poms, you can use different coloured pipe cleaners for the Easter Bonnet.

So there you have it the chick would make a perfect decoration for your Easter celebration table.  Please also make sure you do not give the chick to a small child, they may decide to eat the small parts, not a good idea.

Day-old chicks