Thursday, 14 March 2013

Who's the Chicken?

Now most folks who know me, know I am a self confessed Scaredy Cat, but that does not make me a Chicken. When I say Chicken I don't mean the fluffy, feathered variety that we cats like to eat. (see left) I mean Chicken as in to be a Chicken (coward)

I am all for Love Thy Neighbour and all that but there are some people, and cats, that you just can not love. The cat in question is Feral Tabby.  At one time we used to get along just fine, in fact for a time I thought Tabby was female. How stupid did I look when I found out  that Tabby was a tom cat. (Image Take Five- by Herbert T - Creative Commons via Wikimedia commons)

Feral Tabby hasn't got many admirers in my feline family either, Sooty absolutely can not abide him, Gingy has even taken swipes at him now and again and so does Blackie.  Tabby has been such a pain recently he is always howling outside our house, spraying all over the place and refuses to leave the area e.g our garden.  My humans continue to feed him because they are big softies and feel sorry for him.

I have been involved in a couple of fights with Tabby as he is always trying to chase me away, he has chased me away on a number of occasions.  This week I came home with an enormous scratch on my nose and Tabby was wearing one on his nose too, coincidence do you think? No I had a scrap with him and he chased me away for a few hours, this made me late for my food and put me in a grumpy mood for the rest of the day.

Tabby has run away from Gingy, Blackie and Sooty and on the few occasionally from me, So I am asking you dear readers Who's the Chicken? I will abide by your decision.

Feral Tabby

I am also pleased to announce that I have received another award; well actually this is the second time I have been honoured with this award.  My friends Jasper and Felix have awarded me the lovely Why I Love Thee award,(see below) created by the peep, as he calls her, of my friend Nerissa of Nerissa Go and check out his wonderful blog.

In accepting this award I have to carry out the following:

1. Thank the award giver and give a link to their blog.

2.  Pace the award on your blog.

 3. Say why you love your peep/human.

I would like to thank my very lovely friends Jasper and Felix for giving me this award, please go and take a look at there wonderful blog.  If you are a Twitterer you can find out how you can help them and all the other animals on Twitter with their Cold Wet Nose Day campaign. Click here: Felix and Jasper Blogalot

Felix and Jasper working hard on their laptop

The award is already proudly placed on my blog, so I shall skip that part.

Why I love my peep/human, the first answer I gave for this question was because she feeds me, so in answer to this question again; I would have to say because she and her other humans took us in and adopted us. Nobody wanted us as their own house cats so I would like to say thank you and on behalf of me, my late brofur Scratchy and my other adopted feline sibling; we also love you lots, even if we don't show it sometimes.

Last and by no means least I would like to give a mention to my Facebook friend Pingu who has been rather poorly lately and he already suffers with a liver condition.  So to Pingu I wish you a speedy recovery, with much love and purrs and most of all he loves us to Roar for him so for you Pingu here is a very big

Here I am Roaring for Pingu