Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Note from Patchy

Hello dear blog readers, this blog post will be a short one, and I do apologise for not posting one last week. You see my resident typist (human mum) has not been too well lately; that is her excuse anyway and has been unable to help me with my blog posts.  I usually sit on the seat beside her a dictate to her my weekly blog post, alas my typing leaves a lot to be desired otherwise I would attempt to do all the posts myself.  But you just can't get reliable staff these days!

So I had not choice but to sit a the computer and hack out; believe me that is the correct description for my typing, a short post for this week.  I will have to wait a little longer to announce my nominations for the Liebster Award, that my lovely friend Nerissa bestowed upon me.

Spring is here there are many lizards and mice to be chased as Sooty demonstrated last week by bringing a mouse into the house, fortunately for the mouse the humans rescued it and put it back outside.  Sooty however was not too pleased.

The humans were not so pleased with the gift we left them outside the back door either.  We thought they would like a dead rat, but again we were sadly wrong again.  It was hastily disposed of on discovery.  There is just no pleasing these humans!!!

Well I shall now stop typing as my paws are aching, the keyboard is still in one piece so I haven't done too badly. *whispers* don't tell my typist she leave me to do all my post myself, can't be having that, I got to give her something to do when she feels better.

Farewell for now dear blog readers and hopefully normal blog services will be resumed as soon as possible.