Friday, 6 September 2013

Hello Again

Hello dear blog readers, I hope you do not think I have abandoned you. I am happy to announce that mum (the typist) is back from her UK trip and will now be reading (and willing I hope) to help me to continue with the Five Cat Chronicles. 

We cats have been left here in Cyprus with dad; an may I say he has done a perfectly adequate good in looking after us, but he is has not been able to help us keep our blog updated. (Shame on mum) just hope she is feeling guilty enough now, we cats have to shame our humans into doing a number of things for us, it is just not good enough. Well anyway rant over and back to business, I can therefore declare with confidence that this blog is well and truly back in business and I will be writing a brand new post soon, watch this space.

Purrs from Patchy