Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cat and Mouse

Hello dear readers, we are well into October now and the weather has finally started to get cooler at night time, so we are spending more time indoors at night. The other I spent the night on mum and dad's bed, something that I don't do very often so they should feel very privileged. All was fine until dad move his feet at about 3 AM there was me thinking OOOH A Mousie and I pounced, big mistake; it wasn't a mouse but his big toe. He didn't appreciate getting a scratched big toe. So I was in trouble, although at that time I decided it might be a good idea to go out and look for some real mice. Do you know that around 3 AM is the time we cats like to go hunting.

Mouse ?????
I have been spending more time at home lately, which is made mum and dad more happy. I think we cats are getting along much better than we used too, although Tabby the feral cat, does get a bit jealous when we are eating. He usually sneaks into the kitchen to see if we have left any food in our bowls, Humpf NO WAY!! that is my job. I am the official cat food waste disposal unit in my house and no, feral Tabby is not taking that position away from me. As many of you probably know by now I LOVE my food. MOL

I have decided to have another book launch party on Twitter this time on Saturday 26th October. If any of you Twitterers feel like coming along here is the invitation link, all are welcome: http://twtvite.com/u8pivaqgjchysk2 but of course you have to have a Twitter account to join in the fun.

Toes ?????
By Jackhynes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

There is a dedicated page on this blog for the books written by myself and my human Pauline Christou. There will be more coming up in the near future as we have a few more books in the pipeline. Also my little book of cats will soon be available to purchase from Amazon as well as Blurb.com. This will be the third edition of the book, and I expect the paperback edition from Amazon to also be a little cheaper. This book will have to same content as the eBook version of The Little Book of Cats.

I have set up a group on Facebook called Five Cat Books. This group is for anyone interested in Books, Poetry and anything in general to do with the written word. If you already a friend of mine on Facebook please feel free to join you will be most welcome, if you are not already a Facebook friend of mine let me know and I can add you.

I have been trying to decide what is my most favourite food, I have come to the conclusion that everything is my most favorite food. So on that note I must go and meow for some more food, I will see you next week, I will be announcing the blogs which have been awarded the Purrime Ministerette of Plant Purrth Award.
So until then please make sure you do not mistake toes for mice, a toe kebab does not sound very appealing.

Yes before I go do not forget it is International Feral Cats Day tomorrow, please have a look a last years post on this blog; if you need any information. If you can help in any way please do, awareness is the key to helping the feral cat communities.


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