Thursday, 3 October 2013

Patchy's Back

Hello dear readers, yes I am back, finally after a rather extended break, not entirely of my choosing may I add. As you probably know or may not know my human mum decided to take a sabbatical from helping me with my blog post; to go and finish writing her fiction book. Which is finally now on sale, more about that later.

Whilst I have been absent from my blog there has been many things happening in the anipal community, an unfortunately a few of my anipal friends have gone OTRB. The devastating news that one of my very dear pals Mr Tibbs, stalwart of the #wlf had passed OTRB due to the dreaded C word was shocking and very sad. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest condolences to his human and feline family. He will be missed indeed, and I am very honoured to be his friend.  His work will continue though, even from the other side. Angel Tibbsy will still be campaigning for anipals and trying to find homes for unwanted kitties.
Mr Tibbs

Now I must also offer some apologies to Colonel Pilster @pilstercat, he kindly bestowed upon me two very nice awards. I had intended on writing a post about them, but never got around to doing them before mum took her break. So anyway without any further ado I must say thank you to the wonderful Colonel Pilster for my awards. You can read Colonel Pilster’s excellent blog here –

Colonel Pillster

My first award is : The Inspiring Blog Award

 What a lovely picture of dove, you can also see the award if you click on the pictures on the right hand side of my blog. In order to accept this award I only need to mention who gave it to me and give a link to their blog (see above).

Purrime Ministerette of Plant Purrth Award

This award come with seven rules that have to be complied with to formally accept it.

  1. Bow for your Purrime Ministerettes and confirm on your blog you have done so.
  2. Show a picture of you watching Purrime Ministerette movies. Pictures or it didn’t happen.
  3. Tell Planet Purrth that it needs a change and explain what kind of change you have in mind.
  4. Ask your Purrime Ministerettes what you never dared to ask before.
  5. Bow again for your Purrime Ministerettes and confirm on your blog you have done so.
  6. Forward the Purrime Ministerette of Planet Purrth Award to at least 3 other blogging anipals.
  7. Do not change the rules without explicit written Purrime Ministerette purrmission.

1.*Bows head*
2. I am afraid my humans still haven’t managed to get a picture of me watching Purrime Ministerette movies….. Yet!!!! I don’t stay still long enough for them to catch me with their camera.
3.Planet Purrth you need a change… what kind of change, err how about a change of currency???? “how many purrths are there to a £?”
4. Does my bum look big in your clothes?
5. *Bows head again*
6. I am awarding the Purrime Miniserettes of Planet Purreth Award to…….. watch this space (next week’s blog)
7. Don’t change the rules!!! I dare not.

Now this isn’t the only award I have been luckily been given. My very good pal Nerissa aka Nissy, as it doesn’t sound as girly. He has get again generously given me yet another fabby award, this award is in celebration of his 200th blog post!!!! Yes that is correct 200th, talk about a prolific writer. Nissy I am in total awe of your blogging magnificence.

This award is; The Opposites Attract Award.

 I need to thank Nissy for giving me this award, and leave a link to his blog: Nerrisa’s Life
Secondly I need to post the award on the blog; OK done.
Thirdly I need to pass it on to another blog/s, OK as this need to be passed on from a lady cat to a man cat and vice versa. I award The Opposites Attract Award to:

Felix and Jasper  : Felix and Jasper Blogalot
      Colonel Pillster :

Now I will have to mention Mum’s fiction book (or I will not hear the last of it)
Her book Lilibet’s Secret Diary is part one of a humorous fictional diary, written by the 10 year old Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) It is available from Amazon in Kindle and in paperback. Please see details the below.

              Paperback Version       Kindle Version $2.99

               Paperback Version          Kindle Version £1.54

You must also take a look at the book trailer video, we think it’s funny (for all the wrong reasons)

Well I must leave you until next week, my stomach is calling, yet again, I must now go and track down the human and give them my “pathetic face” once again. It always works believe me.