Monday, 3 November 2014

No Magazine

Hello again dear readers. Where has the year gone,
I once again I apologise for not posting much of late (seems like I am always apologising lately). I have been very busy writing and publishing a new book called, It's a Cat's Life you can read about it and see a preview of the book here

I would like to post an article I wrote back in 2012, for a site called Zujava. I have recently parted company with Zujava, for reasons which I will not bore you with. I think it is a much better idea to have my content on my own site. I am sure you will agree.

No Magazine is my parody "homage" to the celebrity magazine.

 No Magazine

Welcome to the first ever issue of NO? Magazine. This is a online preview of our Z list celebrity magazine.

In this issue we have an exclusive interview with Patchy Meow, as she celebrates her 2nd birthday at home. We cover the Open of the Envelope Awards ceremony. Who are the winners? We had the opportunity to chat with Angelina Jolie. Take a look at what she had to say to our NO? reporter. Take part in our First Issue give away. Our very own fashionista Isla White will be introducing herself.

In the full issue of No? Magazine; available from no good stores, read our extra exclusive interviews. Madonna’s cleaning lady dishes the dirt. We will be chatting to the competitors of TV’s latest reality programme, Celebrity Dominos and Isla White will be giving you some style advice on what to wear this season.

Read all this and more in issue 1 of the newest and best celebrity magazine. Say Yes to No? Magazine. The first for No news.

The Editor

Five months ago nobody had even heard of Patchy Meow. People were asking “Who is she?” But now she has started to make a name for herself as a writer. We had an exclusive interview with Patchy on her 2nd Birthday at her family home.

So, Patchy why did you decided to become a writer?

I was sitting one day in my solitary musings wondering whether humans really know what being a cat is all about. I thought to myself why not write about it.

Is that when you decided to write your first book?

I started a blog called the Five Cats Chronicles, now called Catnip Corner. Then I wrote my first book, The Little Book of Cats.

I heard you like to Tweet?

No, it is only birds that tweet. Oh! Hang on you mean Twitter, yes I like to tweet to my Twitter followers and have made many friends there. I also have my own page on Facebook and have made lots of friends there too.

Will you be eating your birthday cake Patchy?

It is a very nice birthday cake, thank you for bring it for me. But I am afraid cats can’t eat caked. We cannot taste anything sweet.

So you can’t have your cat and eat it.

Meow, that is very true.

I heard a rumour you have a boyfriend, is this true?

No it is not true, I am young free and single. I prefer it that way.

Are there any cat fights amongst you and your siblings?
No we don’t have cat fights, although we do have our squabbles.

You can read the rest of the interview in the full issue of NO? Magazine.

The Opening of the Envelope Awards

Awards Summary

The cleaning lady.
Angelina Jolie
Buy This at
The night proved to be a big success. The awards took place at the Comedy Store in London, and was presented by Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately there are only a few photos of the evening’s event. Our photographer left his lens cap on during the ceremony. He did however managed to get a picture of the cleaning lady cleaning up after the awards ended. She wasn't very happy. After we were treated to a take away and a taxi home. 

Interview with Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie?

At the Opening of the Envelope Awards we chatted with Angelina Jolie or rather Angelina Jolie’s number one fan Angelina Jolie .

You are Angelina Jolie’s number one fan, is this correct?

Yes I absolutely adore Angelina. I even run a fan club for her.

How many fans are in the fan club?


Only One!

Yes it is just me, I couldn’t bear to part with her autographed pictures, so I kept them all to myself. I have a scrap book full of all her newspaper and magazine clippings .

How do you have same name as your favourite actress?

I love Angelina so much I had my name changed by deed poll. It does cause some confusion when I ring for a taxi or a take away. They think it is a hoax call.

Does Angelina know about you changing your name?

No, although I did send a letter to her agent. But I never heard anything, so I suppose she is OK with it.

Why are you wearing sunglasses at night time?

I don’t want anyone to recognise me.

Have you ever met Angelina Jolie?

Yes I met her at a film premiere. She was very nice.

Did you speak with her?

Yes I did, I was so thrilled.

What did she say to you?

She said, “ Leave me alone or I will call security.”

Did you speak to her today?

Errr no I was late getting here, although I did briefly see her on the red carpet. I even managed to cut a bit off the end of the carpet as a memento.

Thank you for a most interesting interview Angelina.

Fashion Spotlight

Sponsored By

Isla White

Meet Isla White she is our NO? Magazine fashionista and fashion editor. She spent a number of years working for the high street clothing store Nomark. Unfortunately she was fired after swopping the sizes of the bikini tops and bottoms. She called it a fashion statement, they called it sabotage. 

Nomark's loss is our gain. You can read Isla's suggestions for this season in the full issue of NO? Magazine. 

NO? Magazine Give Away

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Something for all you Twihard fans to sink your teeth into. NO? Magazine is celebrating its first edition with an original, not available in any store, exclusive. 

You have read the books, watched the film, bought the T Shirt, poster (see left) and bought the merchandise. 

We are giving away 25 boxes of our custom made Twilight Tissues. This giveaway is not to be sneezed at. Wipe your eyes with Edward, blow your nose on Bella. Take them with you to bed, to the bathroom or out wherever you go, the tissues, not Edward and Bella.  The tissues are printed with the Twilight logo and names of the Twilight characters. (not shown in picture)

Enter today. Call our premium rate give away hot line at 0808 000 000 000 and answer our easy question and you will be entered into the give away.


 No?Magazine's Advert

Issue 2 of NO? Magazine


Coming up in issue 2 of NO? Magazine:

World first, The Secret World of  London’s Hoppers. They tried to hide their secret but we found them out. In our next issue we blow the lid on the secret hoppers and reveal the secret identities on London’s most famous secret hoppers. “Once you hop, you can’t stop.”
If you like the Annoying Orange, you are going to love Alien Lemon, find out more in issue 2.
We interview the star of the popular TV series  The Secret Diary of a Chambermaid. She will be telling why it is time for a clean sweep. 

Say Yes to NO? Magazine, the first for No news.  

Image Credits

The Comedy Store - By John-Paul Stephenson (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
 Flock of Sheep by Petr Kratochvil 
 Harpers Bazar - Public Domain image
Pretty Girls by April Sommers
Twilight Logo - By Scarce (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Big Ben - By Adrian Pingstone, squared by Juan Pablo Arancibia Medina ((original)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Maid Image-Spring Cleaning by Petr Kratochvil 
Headache courtesy of
All other images ©P.Christou

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Farewell Gingy

Hello dear readers, I cannot believe that the last time write a post was way back in May. I do apologise, again, for neglecting my blog.

Mumstaff has been away for 2 months so I have had very little opportunity to write. We also have been devastated by the death of Gingy in July. She went missing for 24 hours, dad went out to look for her in the evening and did not find her. In the morning Sooty encouraged dad to go into our neighbour's garden. He followed Sooty and he took her to Gingy, she had most probably been hit by a car (judging from her injuries) and crawled into the garden to die. We are not sure if Sooty was with her at the time, but I hope he was with her when she passed over the rainbow bridge. This news hit us hard after the death of Blackie in January. Both are sorely missed.


Gingy was a feisty character, but she was also loving and loved to play and sleep on Mum and Dad's bed in the evening. She would wake them up at 4 - 5 am when she wanted to go out, this didn't always go down very well with Mum and Dad, but she usually go her own way. Sooty and Gingy sometimes fought, but they still loved to play together. Sooty does miss Gingy very much, at the moment he is not the same cat as he once was. I do hope he can get over this loss.

I would like to dedicate this poem to Gingy, written in Gingy's POV.

Time to Say Goodbye

It's time to say goodbye, time for me to go.
The time now has come and I want you to know.
You have meant the world to me, and me to you.
The sands of time have stopped, there is nothing I can do.

If I turned back the clock, and had my time again.
I would not change a thing, I would want the same.
You cared for me, I had nowhere to rest my head.
Gave me food, love, shelter and a warm cosy bed.

There were good times and bad, both of which we shared.
But no matter what, you did love, you really cared.
I am sorry it's goodbye, so sorry I cannot stay.
Soon I'll be over the Rainbow Bridge, there I will play.
I will wait there for you at the rainbow's end.
Until we are together again, my dear and loving friend.

© 2014 P.Christou

Friday, 2 May 2014

Hello, Remember Me?

My mauled tail

Been a while hasn't it, I hope you haven't forgotten me. I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blog yet again. I blame the humans, they hog all the computer time at them moment. Mum is in the final stages of proof reading her book, finally!!! I went into hiding over the Easter holidays. Nothing worse than small humans being home from school and clomping around the house being noisy and standing on your tail. Actually I have a large patch of fur missing from my tail at the moment. I got into a fight a couple of weeks ago; got my face scratched and my poor old tail lost some fur in the fight. I am not telling who I was fighting with, but what I will say, it wasn't Sooty or Gingy. The scratches on my face were not too bad, they were treated with neat lavender oil. 

Spring fever is in the air and feral Tabby has been driving my humans to distraction leaving his mark (spraying) all over the garden. Sooty has been furious about this too, he doesn't like Tabby marking his territory. Sooty has been caught up with the Spring fever too, but since his operation last year he hasn't got a clue what he is supposed to be doing. He is following Gingy around, she is not pleased with this, so she goes off to hide from him. They have had a few minor spats this last couple of weeks.

While I have been away from my blog there has been some sad news too. My good friend Tinkie Weed's mum passed away, it was a big shock for us all. So very very sad, we shall miss her very much. RIP dear Jerra, until we meet again. Also very recently my boyfriend Sharky passed away, he was very sick and had to be helped on his way to the Rainbow Bridge. I never met Sharky in person, but he was my online boyfriend and very dear to me. He has now gone to join his brother, yesterday was Pingu's anniversary too, so very sad.

I will have to go now, see you soon. 

Pingu and Sharky

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Keep Calm and Blog

I am back at last, better late then never they say. It has been very difficult to get near the computer to write a blog post of late. My human has been hogging the thing for the last few weeks. Anyway she is taking a coffee break at the moment so I have seized the opportunity to nab her place.

A number of weeks ago my pal Nerissa gave me a Blog of the Year award 2013. There are a few conditions/requirements attached to accepting this award; so I had better get on with it.

  • I need to inform my blog readers who gave me this award and leave a link to their blog: Nerissa over at Nerissa's Life.
  • Write a blog post informing  blog readers of the blog/blogs you have chosen. I would to present this award to The Island Cats. Congratulations Island Cats.
  • I need to go over to The Thought Palette's blog; creators of the Blog of The Year award. And take a look at their instructions. 
  • Proudly display the award on your blog. (that was done previously)
  • Collect stars, if anyone has any stars they would like to present to me I would be very grateful. 

In my last blog post I mention that I would be presenting a new blog award to celebrate the second anniversary of my blog. Well here it is:
The Keep Calm and Blog award. What do you think? 
I am awarding this to the following blogs:

All worthy winners. There are just a couple of requirement in accepting this award:
  1. You post it on your blog
  2. You post a link to the blog who gave you the award
  3. You pass it on to one other blog.

Do you know it is Read an Ebook Week this week? Over on Smashwords there is a big promotion going on until 8th March. There are many discounted and free ebooks for you to buy or download. We have a 50% on our books there both books are $1.00 each, less than a cup of coffee. 
Use the code REW50 and you will get the 50% discount at the checkout.

Looks like my blogging time is up for now, will be back as soon as I can with another installment from Catnip Corner. See you soon. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Two Year Anniversary

Hello dear readers, can you believe it my blog's second year anniversary has gone by. I started this blog on the 27th January 2012. I am so please that I am we had made it to two years. You can read my first ever blog post here: Introduction I recently read that 60 -80% of blogs are abandoned after only one month.It does take some effort to keep a blog going, but ditching your blog after one month!!!Some anipals and people do make it look effortless but I can assure you it is not as easy as it looks. There has been some days were I have thought, do people really want to read my stuff? Is it interesting enough? But I decided I was going to throw in the towel like so many others before me.

In celebration of the blog's anniversary I have made a new blog award, I am not going to reveal until next week, so watch this space. I have however been given some awards recently that I will share with you.

Before Christmas my pal Pillster gave me a lovely Christmasy blog award, and here it is:

In accepting this award I had to accept the rules as follows:

1. To be eligible for the award, a bloggywog must spread one or more of joy, peace, and love.
2. Anyone receiving the award may, if they wish, pass it on to any other anipal bloggywogger whose satisfies.
3. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of furiends you can pass the award on to; you can be as Scroogy or as generous as you like.

The award will also take pride of place on my blog too. I paw on heart did promise to spread more joy, peace, hope and love. I also had my other paw crossed behind my back...... no only joking Pillster honest!!
I shall be keeping this Chrispmouse award to give to furiends next Christmas.

We were worried about Pillster; because around Christmas and New Year he was very sick and had to spend time in the vets. He was allowed to go home on the 2nd January and thankfully after a few days of intensive staff care, he was back on his paws. You can read all about Pillster at his blog: Catnip Capers.

My pal Nerissa at Nerissa's Life has also given me a choice of a number of awards, wow thank you Nerissa. I have decided I will not be greedy and I have chosen two of the awards. Thank you very much Nerissa here are the tow awards I have accepted: Because You're Fantabulous Award, now accepting this one is very easy because all you have to do is accept it and nothing else, how easy is that.

I am also very excited to accept the Blog of the year award for 2013, I will also be posting more about this award next week.

So there you have them three lovely awards, aka bling.

As I was writing this blog post there was an almighty commotion going on in the kitchen. I went to investigate; Sooty had left the humans a lovely present of a half chew sparrow, with feathers all over the place. Mum was not pleased and shouted for dad to come a take it away. I don't know why Sooty bothers to bring the humans any presents, they do not appreciate it, I gave up doing it ages ago. Sooty and Gingy however have not learned their lesson yet.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Farewell Blackie (A Tribute)

I am very sorry dear readers that I haven't posted for a while. We did not have a very good start to the New Year, in fact is has been a very sad one. My sisfur Blackie went OTRB on the 3rd January. She had stopped eating the day after Christmas Day; in fact she wasn't eating a few days before that. She was surviving just on fluids and no matter how Mum tried to tempt her to eat she would have none of it. So the Monday after Christmas she was taken to the vet and placed on an IV. We hopped she would be better and home within a couple of day, sadly we were wrong and her condition deteriorated. She was suffering from a bowel problem that proved to be fatal.

Mum was very upset and emotional and we cats did not know what was going on. Sooty refused to go outside for a couple of days and I disappeared for three days. The Twitter anipals paid a lovely tribute to Blackie, there was a tear jerking tribute ride and the Aviator also provide a lovely tribute too; not just for Blackie but for all the departed anipals.

I would like to dedicate this blog post to Blackie, but I do not wish to dwell on sadness I wish to make this post a celebration of Blackie's life; a Tribute to Blackie.

We did not know how old Blackie was all we do know is that she decided on day to install herself in our garden and refused to go home. You can read about her arrival in this previous blog post:
More about the Five Cats
We found out after Blackie had Sooty and Gingy; that she had a home but her owner didn't want to know her. This owner told our neighbours that the kittens were not hers and claimed that she had been spayed. This of course was a lie; she was taken to be spayed and if she had previously had this operation we would have been informed.

Blackie was a quiet and loving cat, but she has a feisty side to her nature; Gingy has inherited that from her. She is very protective and even gave our humans a scratch or two, if she felt like she was being provoked in some way.

Blackie was a very good hunter, she brought many "presents" home to the family, most of them not received very well at all. She loved hunting lizards and she did catch the occasional mouse or rat. She was a very good mother to Sooty and Gingy; unlike my mother who abandoned us when we reached 4 months old. She taught them everything she knew and gave them the swipe or two when they misbehaved. She also had a very unusual way of taking a drink of water. Her favourite way was to drink from the outside tap; you can see her in this YouTube video; Cat Fountain:

Blackie used to chirrup to people it was almost as if she was talking to them. She used to like to sit in the sun; when it wasn't too hot. She often liked to sleep on one of the dining chairs or even on the small human's laptop bag; much to her annoyance. When she felt like it she would sit on a warm human lap and she would kneed their legs with her claws. She loved a tickle and a scratch around her ears, like most cats. 

Blackie enjoyed her food and she especially liked freshly cooked chicken and she loved her kitty kibble
treats. She even ate the occasional Cheese and Onion crisp or Cheese Puff. I will confess that sometimes Blackie and I did not get on well and we did take a few swipes at one another. But we were still a family.

So farewell dear Blackie, until we meet again once more, you are very much missed and you will never be forgotten. Make the most of your kitties dear pals because you truly do not know when you will be parted. So give them plenty of hugs and love and never take them for granted.

A Cat's Farewell 
 Now’s the time to say goodnight,
 for I must go to sleep.
 I hope our friendship stays in your heart,
 and happy thoughts you keep.
 It’s very hard ,
 but go I must, I can linger no more.
 Don’t worry for me I suffer not,
 I hold a key to another door.

 Remember me in times gone by,
when I was young and not so old.
Do not think of me with sad thoughts,
please you must be bold.
In all the years you cared for me,
and the love you gave.
I shall not forget this my friend,
good memories I’ve saved.

 You have done all you can for me,
 I have lived a life to the full.
 The bad times were few,
 don’t leave your thoughts to mull.
 Now's the time to close my eyes,
 and look the last time upon your face.
 Maybe one day we will meet again,
 another time and another place.

© Pauline Christou

You may have noticed the name of this blog has changed from The Five Cats Chronicles to Catnip Corner; a new year a new name. We bought a domain name last year and had not around to sorting it out; in hindsight it was good idea as there are only three of the five cats remaining. I shall be back next week with a post about some bling bestowed on me by my pals, Pillster and Nerissa.