Friday, 24 January 2014

Farewell Blackie (A Tribute)

I am very sorry dear readers that I haven't posted for a while. We did not have a very good start to the New Year, in fact is has been a very sad one. My sisfur Blackie went OTRB on the 3rd January. She had stopped eating the day after Christmas Day; in fact she wasn't eating a few days before that. She was surviving just on fluids and no matter how Mum tried to tempt her to eat she would have none of it. So the Monday after Christmas she was taken to the vet and placed on an IV. We hopped she would be better and home within a couple of day, sadly we were wrong and her condition deteriorated. She was suffering from a bowel problem that proved to be fatal.

Mum was very upset and emotional and we cats did not know what was going on. Sooty refused to go outside for a couple of days and I disappeared for three days. The Twitter anipals paid a lovely tribute to Blackie, there was a tear jerking tribute ride and the Aviator also provide a lovely tribute too; not just for Blackie but for all the departed anipals.

I would like to dedicate this blog post to Blackie, but I do not wish to dwell on sadness I wish to make this post a celebration of Blackie's life; a Tribute to Blackie.

We did not know how old Blackie was all we do know is that she decided on day to install herself in our garden and refused to go home. You can read about her arrival in this previous blog post:
More about the Five Cats
We found out after Blackie had Sooty and Gingy; that she had a home but her owner didn't want to know her. This owner told our neighbours that the kittens were not hers and claimed that she had been spayed. This of course was a lie; she was taken to be spayed and if she had previously had this operation we would have been informed.

Blackie was a quiet and loving cat, but she has a feisty side to her nature; Gingy has inherited that from her. She is very protective and even gave our humans a scratch or two, if she felt like she was being provoked in some way.

Blackie was a very good hunter, she brought many "presents" home to the family, most of them not received very well at all. She loved hunting lizards and she did catch the occasional mouse or rat. She was a very good mother to Sooty and Gingy; unlike my mother who abandoned us when we reached 4 months old. She taught them everything she knew and gave them the swipe or two when they misbehaved. She also had a very unusual way of taking a drink of water. Her favourite way was to drink from the outside tap; you can see her in this YouTube video; Cat Fountain:

Blackie used to chirrup to people it was almost as if she was talking to them. She used to like to sit in the sun; when it wasn't too hot. She often liked to sleep on one of the dining chairs or even on the small human's laptop bag; much to her annoyance. When she felt like it she would sit on a warm human lap and she would kneed their legs with her claws. She loved a tickle and a scratch around her ears, like most cats. 

Blackie enjoyed her food and she especially liked freshly cooked chicken and she loved her kitty kibble
treats. She even ate the occasional Cheese and Onion crisp or Cheese Puff. I will confess that sometimes Blackie and I did not get on well and we did take a few swipes at one another. But we were still a family.

So farewell dear Blackie, until we meet again once more, you are very much missed and you will never be forgotten. Make the most of your kitties dear pals because you truly do not know when you will be parted. So give them plenty of hugs and love and never take them for granted.

A Cat's Farewell 
 Now’s the time to say goodnight,
 for I must go to sleep.
 I hope our friendship stays in your heart,
 and happy thoughts you keep.
 It’s very hard ,
 but go I must, I can linger no more.
 Don’t worry for me I suffer not,
 I hold a key to another door.

 Remember me in times gone by,
when I was young and not so old.
Do not think of me with sad thoughts,
please you must be bold.
In all the years you cared for me,
and the love you gave.
I shall not forget this my friend,
good memories I’ve saved.

 You have done all you can for me,
 I have lived a life to the full.
 The bad times were few,
 don’t leave your thoughts to mull.
 Now's the time to close my eyes,
 and look the last time upon your face.
 Maybe one day we will meet again,
 another time and another place.

© Pauline Christou

You may have noticed the name of this blog has changed from The Five Cats Chronicles to Catnip Corner; a new year a new name. We bought a domain name last year and had not around to sorting it out; in hindsight it was good idea as there are only three of the five cats remaining. I shall be back next week with a post about some bling bestowed on me by my pals, Pillster and Nerissa.