Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Two Year Anniversary

Hello dear readers, can you believe it my blog's second year anniversary has gone by. I started this blog on the 27th January 2012. I am so please that I am we had made it to two years. You can read my first ever blog post here: Introduction I recently read that 60 -80% of blogs are abandoned after only one month.It does take some effort to keep a blog going, but ditching your blog after one month!!!Some anipals and people do make it look effortless but I can assure you it is not as easy as it looks. There has been some days were I have thought, do people really want to read my stuff? Is it interesting enough? But I decided I was going to throw in the towel like so many others before me.

In celebration of the blog's anniversary I have made a new blog award, I am not going to reveal until next week, so watch this space. I have however been given some awards recently that I will share with you.

Before Christmas my pal Pillster gave me a lovely Christmasy blog award, and here it is:

In accepting this award I had to accept the rules as follows:

1. To be eligible for the award, a bloggywog must spread one or more of joy, peace, and love.
2. Anyone receiving the award may, if they wish, pass it on to any other anipal bloggywogger whose satisfies.
3. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of furiends you can pass the award on to; you can be as Scroogy or as generous as you like.

The award will also take pride of place on my blog too. I paw on heart did promise to spread more joy, peace, hope and love. I also had my other paw crossed behind my back...... no only joking Pillster honest!!
I shall be keeping this Chrispmouse award to give to furiends next Christmas.

We were worried about Pillster; because around Christmas and New Year he was very sick and had to spend time in the vets. He was allowed to go home on the 2nd January and thankfully after a few days of intensive staff care, he was back on his paws. You can read all about Pillster at his blog: Catnip Capers.

My pal Nerissa at Nerissa's Life has also given me a choice of a number of awards, wow thank you Nerissa. I have decided I will not be greedy and I have chosen two of the awards. Thank you very much Nerissa here are the tow awards I have accepted: Because You're Fantabulous Award, now accepting this one is very easy because all you have to do is accept it and nothing else, how easy is that.

I am also very excited to accept the Blog of the year award for 2013, I will also be posting more about this award next week.

So there you have them three lovely awards, aka bling.

As I was writing this blog post there was an almighty commotion going on in the kitchen. I went to investigate; Sooty had left the humans a lovely present of a half chew sparrow, with feathers all over the place. Mum was not pleased and shouted for dad to come a take it away. I don't know why Sooty bothers to bring the humans any presents, they do not appreciate it, I gave up doing it ages ago. Sooty and Gingy however have not learned their lesson yet.