Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Keep Calm and Blog

I am back at last, better late then never they say. It has been very difficult to get near the computer to write a blog post of late. My human has been hogging the thing for the last few weeks. Anyway she is taking a coffee break at the moment so I have seized the opportunity to nab her place.

A number of weeks ago my pal Nerissa gave me a Blog of the Year award 2013. There are a few conditions/requirements attached to accepting this award; so I had better get on with it.

  • I need to inform my blog readers who gave me this award and leave a link to their blog: Nerissa over at Nerissa's Life.
  • Write a blog post informing  blog readers of the blog/blogs you have chosen. I would to present this award to The Island Cats. Congratulations Island Cats.
  • I need to go over to The Thought Palette's blog; creators of the Blog of The Year award. And take a look at their instructions. 
  • Proudly display the award on your blog. (that was done previously)
  • Collect stars, if anyone has any stars they would like to present to me I would be very grateful. 

In my last blog post I mention that I would be presenting a new blog award to celebrate the second anniversary of my blog. Well here it is:
The Keep Calm and Blog award. What do you think? 
I am awarding this to the following blogs:

All worthy winners. There are just a couple of requirement in accepting this award:
  1. You post it on your blog
  2. You post a link to the blog who gave you the award
  3. You pass it on to one other blog.

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Looks like my blogging time is up for now, will be back as soon as I can with another installment from Catnip Corner. See you soon.