Friday, 2 May 2014

Hello, Remember Me?

My mauled tail

Been a while hasn't it, I hope you haven't forgotten me. I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blog yet again. I blame the humans, they hog all the computer time at them moment. Mum is in the final stages of proof reading her book, finally!!! I went into hiding over the Easter holidays. Nothing worse than small humans being home from school and clomping around the house being noisy and standing on your tail. Actually I have a large patch of fur missing from my tail at the moment. I got into a fight a couple of weeks ago; got my face scratched and my poor old tail lost some fur in the fight. I am not telling who I was fighting with, but what I will say, it wasn't Sooty or Gingy. The scratches on my face were not too bad, they were treated with neat lavender oil. 

Spring fever is in the air and feral Tabby has been driving my humans to distraction leaving his mark (spraying) all over the garden. Sooty has been furious about this too, he doesn't like Tabby marking his territory. Sooty has been caught up with the Spring fever too, but since his operation last year he hasn't got a clue what he is supposed to be doing. He is following Gingy around, she is not pleased with this, so she goes off to hide from him. They have had a few minor spats this last couple of weeks.

While I have been away from my blog there has been some sad news too. My good friend Tinkie Weed's mum passed away, it was a big shock for us all. So very very sad, we shall miss her very much. RIP dear Jerra, until we meet again. Also very recently my boyfriend Sharky passed away, he was very sick and had to be helped on his way to the Rainbow Bridge. I never met Sharky in person, but he was my online boyfriend and very dear to me. He has now gone to join his brother, yesterday was Pingu's anniversary too, so very sad.

I will have to go now, see you soon. 

Pingu and Sharky