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This page is a dedicated page to Catnip Books, this comprises of books written by myself and my human -Pauline Christou.

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The Little Book of Cats 
The book is an introduction of myself and my other cat siblings, Scratchy, Sooty, Gingy and Blackie, but it is not just about us. It is a celebration of the felius catus (Latin for cat). Discover some cats facts and history, enjoy reading some original and traditional verse. With photographs and illustrations, it's the perfect little book for any cat lover.
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Lilibet's Secret Diary

Lilibet's secret diary is a fictional diary written by Princess Elizabeth (aka Queen Elizabeth II).

I looked up the wordscandal in my dictionary last night. No wonder there has been such a fuss. 
Lilibet lives in Piccadilly in London; she has a very famous family. Her real name is Princess Elizabeth Mary Alexander Windsor, but her family call her Lilibet. When Lilibet's Grandfather King George V passed away her Uncle David became King Edward VIII, but something life changing was about to happen.

It's December 11th 1936, and 10 year old Lilibet hears of some news that will change her and her family's life forever. She decides to keep a secret diary chronicling these extraordinary events.

Will she fulfil her destiny, and also remember which the main course fork is and which the dessert fork is? Can Lilibet's younger sister Margaret end her mischievous ways, and become a worthy member of the League of Ovaltineys? Will Dookie the dog stop disgracing himself? All will be revealed in Lilibet's Secret Diary.
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The Little Book of Cats and Lilibet's Secret Diary are available to purchase from Smashwords in any ebook format. 

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We now have an ebook edition of The Little Book of Cats, with more text and pictures. 
It is available to download from for the iPad or iPhone touch.